PY2020 Joint City/County HOME Program Application


 The City Community Development Department and the County Redevelopment Authority requests the applicant’s attendance at the 2020 Action Plan Public Hearing.








Assistance in completing this request is available by calling the Berks Redevelopment Authority at 610-478-6325 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Please answer all questions applicable to your project as specifically as possible (print or type).

All projects funded by the HOME Program must be consistent with the City & County Comprehensive and Five-Year Consolidated Plans.

Please remember to attach the Subsidy Layering Analysis to each application




A. Date: ___________________________________________________________________ 


B. Submitted By: ____________________________________________________________ 


C. Title: ___________________________________________________________________ 


D. Organization: ____________________________________________________________ 


E. Address: _________________________________________________________________ 




F. Telephone: _______________________________________________________________ 


G. Contact Person: ___________________________________________________________ 


H. Contact Person Telephone: __________________________________________________ 


I. FAX: _____________________ Email: ____________________________________ 


J. Total Budget: _______________ Amount Requested: _______________ 


K. Project Name: ____________________________________________________________ 


L. Brief Description of Project: _________________________________________________ 








M. Project Location: ____________________________________________________ 


N. Census Tract(s): _____________________




_____ 1. Narrative data on project and applicant 


_____ 2. Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws 


_____ 3. State and Federal Tax Exemption Determination letters 


_____ 4. List of Board of Directors 


_____ 5. Board of Directors' authorization to request funds 


_____ 6. Board of Directors' designation of authorized official 


_____ 7. Organizational chart 


_____ 8. Resume of program administrator 


_____ 9. Resume of fiscal officer 


_____ 10. Financial statement and most recent audit 


_____ 11. Copy of most recent strategic plan or similar planning document 


_____ 12. Performance Measurement Form 


_____ 13. Current annual salary of Executive Director. 




The City and County does not require a particular format for this section however, the narrative be typewritten and not exceed 3 pages. 



A. Project Summary 


Briefly describe the proposed project. The narrative should include the need or problem to be addressed in relation to City and/or County Comprehensive Plan and Consolidated Plans, as well as the population to be served or the area to benefit. Describe the work to be performed, including the activities to be undertaken or the services to be provided, the goals and objectives, method of approach, and the implementation schedule. Include the proposed budget, specifying line item costs such as personnel, supplies, equipment, travel, etc. Discuss the intended staffing pattern, and finally other sources of funding sought and secured.


B. Organization Information 



Include the length of time the organization has been in operation, the date of incorporation, the purpose of the organization, and the type of corporation. Describe the type of services provided, the organization's capabilities, the number and characteristics of clients served, and license to operate (if appropriate). 



Briefly describe the organization's existing staff positions and qualifications, and state whether or not the organization has a personnel policy manual with an affirmative action plan and grievance procedure. 



Describe the organization's current operating budget, itemizing revenues and expenses. Identify commitments for ongoing funding. Describe the organization's fiscal management including financial reporting, record keeping, accounting systems, payment procedures, and audit requirements. 


Audit Requirements 

The Organization is informed that if funded by the HOME Program, the Organization may be subject to the audit requirements of 2 CFR Part 200. 


Insurance/Bond/Worker's Compensation 

State whether or not the organization has liability insurance coverage, in what amount, and with what insuring organization. State whether or not the organization pays all payroll taxes and worker's compensation as required by Federal and State Law. State whether or not the organization has fidelity bond coverage for principal staff who handle the organization's accounts, in what amount, and with what insuring organization. 


Additional Information 

Include any other pertinent information. 




A. Articles of Incorporation/Bylaws 


Articles of Incorporation/Bylaws Articles of incorporation are the documents recognized by the State as formally establishing a private corporation, business or organization. 


B. Non-profit determination 


Non-profit organizations must submit tax-exemption determination letters from the Federal Internal Revenue Service and the State Franchise Tax Board.


C. List of the Board of Directors 


A list of the current board of directors or other governing body of the organization must be submitted. The list must include the name, telephone number, address, occupation or affiliation of each member and must identify the principal officers of the governing body. 


D. Authorization to Request Funds 


Documentation must be submitted of the governing body's authorization to submit the funding request. Documentation of this requirement consists of a copy of the minutes of the meeting in which the governing body's resolution, motion or other official action is recorded. 


E. Authorized Official 


Documentation must be submitted of the governing body's action authorizing the representative of the organization to negotiate for and contractually bind the organization. Documentation of this requirement consists of a signed letter from the Chairperson of the governing body providing the name, title, address and telephone number of each authorized individual. 


F. Organizational Chart 


An organizational chart must be provided which describes the organization's administrative framework and staff positions, which indicates where the proposed project will fit into the organizational structure, and which identifies any staff positions of shared responsibility. 


G. Resume of the Chief Program Administrator 


H. Resume of the Chief Fiscal Officer 


I. Financial Statement and Audit 


J. Copy of Strategic Plan or similar planning document. 


K. Performance Measurement Form 


L. Current annual salary of Executive Director 




Provide financial data requested below. Costs should be based on the best information available at the time of the request. When providing the information, consider the following: (a) a project must be complete in a single phase if possible; (b) Federal wage rates apply to projects with 12 units or more; (c) projects may not begin construction until __________________. 


Total estimated cost of project: $_________________ 


Amount of funds requested: $_________________ 


It is important to try to obtain funds to offset the demand for the limited amount of HOME Program funds. If the project requires a renewal of funds every year, the City and/or County can not guarantee that renewal.


A. List the amount and source of other funds that will be used in addition to the HOME Program funds being requested. 


B. If HOME Program funds are needed to secure matching funds from another source, state the source and the amount of funds to be matched. 


C. Amount and detailed uses of any developer’s fee. 




This funding request for HOME Program funds was discussed at a public meeting held on (date) _______________and was approved by the ___________ on (date)




____________________________________ ______________________________ 

Signature Title 



Deadline for completed request and supporting documentation is June 30, 2019 and must be sent to: 


For City HOME Funding - 

City of Reading Community Development Department 

City Hall Office 3-12 

815 Washington Street 

Reading, PA 19601 


For County HOME Funding - 

Berks Redevelopment Authority 



For Government Use Only

Project # 

Date Received: 



Census Tract: 

Block Group: