Public Notice
PY2019 Action Plan Substantial Amendment CDBG-CV
Third Round

Notice is hereby given that on November 23, 2020 the Council of the City of Reading taking up the following substantial amendment to the 2019 to 2023 Consolidated Plan, the FY2019 Action Plan and to the Citizen Participation Plan.

The City anticipates receiving a third round allocation of $575,729 in Community Development Block Grant CDBG–CV CARES Act funding. The City is using an expedited process that permits a five day public comment period.

The amendment shall:

  1. Allocate $57,572 in CDBG-CV funding for CDBG-CV planning and administration.
  2. Allocate $250,000 in CDBG-CV funds for the CDBG-CV Microenterprise Assistance Activity. Loans will be made to microenterprises that have been effected by the COVID-19 outbreak. The loans may become forgivable if certain conditions are met. The microenterprises will use the funding for working capital and related needs. The activity’s eligibility / fundability categories are Microenterprise Assistance / Low Mod Limited Clientele or Low Mod Area or Low Mod Job Creation – Retention.
  3. Allocate $268,517 in CDBG-CV funds for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. The funds will be utilized for emergency rental assistance for low and moderate income level families that are being evicted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The activity’s eligibility / fundability category is Public Services Emergency Rental Assistance Income Payments / Low Mod Limited Clientele.

Citizens wishing to comment on the proposed amendments may submit written comments within 5 days of the date of this publication to Jamal Adodalo, Community Development Director, City Hall, 815 Washington Street, Reading, PA 19601. Email