Proclamation Request Form

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Office of the Mayor, 815 Washington Street, Reading, PA 19601
Phone: (610) 655-6234 / Fax: (610) 655-6549 / Email:


Proclamation: An official formal public announcement.

Commendation: A formal citation given in recognition of an outstanding achievement such as bravery or service.


Proclamations may be issued for civic celebrations, non-profit organizations, and significant events with importance to the citizens of the City of Reading. Proclamations may represent a day, a week, or a month. The Mayor’s office reserves the right to modify or deny any proclamation request. Your request will go through an internal review process, so it is necessary to submit this form in a timely manner. Your request must be received by the Mayor’s office at least two weeks prior to the date the document is needed to insure completion.


Please print, complete your request form, and submit the hard copy via fax, mail, hand deliver, or email. Please fill all fields of the request, including additional pages for more space.



Date Proclamation is needed


Phone and Email:



Date(s) of the day, week, or month to be proclaimed:





*Proposed text for the Proclamation: (please fill entire section)









Date of request: Your name:

Name of event: (i.e. Women’s History Month, National Education Week, etc.)





Brief summary and/or background of event:













Name of organization sponsoring the event and background of the organization: