Plumbing Board of Examiners Minutes 3/06/13

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March 6, 2013



The quarterly meeting of the City of Reading Plumbing Board of Examiners and Standards was convened in Room 3-10 in City Hall, as mandated by the City of Reading Plumbing Ordinance at 4:00 P.M.

Members present: Will Gernert, Brian Sands, Chad Spohn, Steve Symons and Barry Unger

Also in attendance: Jay Montgomery, City of Reading Plumbing Inspector The board approved the minutes of the December 5th 2012 meeting.

The following nine apprentices were approved to take the Journeyman's test: Logan Habermehl, Michael Schwartz, Matthew Kline, Steven Peters, Chris Ciccarone, Thomas Naiberk, Daniel Beans and John T Weidner

Lemont St. James was approved for the Journeyman's retest Amado Tinoco was approved for the Master's retest

Allen Howell was denied for the Journeyman's test due to lack of an application and insufficient documentation.

A letter had been sent to Wes Pierre requesting that he attend the board meeting to address outstanding bench warrants and an inactive phone number on applications. He did not respond to the letter or attend the board meeting.

Brian Sands notified the Board that his term has expired and that he will not be seeking another term. Brian has agreedlo stay on until a replacement has been found. The board will discuss possible candidates.

The next Scheduled meeting is for Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 4:00 P.M.

Future meeting dates: 6/5/13 & 9/11/13


Steven Fisher

Board Secretary