The Liberty Fire Station, located at South 5th & Laurel Streets, has been designated as the future site of the Reading Fire Department Museum. The building, which is privately owned, was chosen to house the museum because the Liberty Fire Company has preserved many artifacts in a “museum setting” on the second floor of their station for many years. A task force has been formed to restore and preserve the station, and has already begun restoration efforts. The official incorporated group is known as the Reading Area Fire-Fighters Museum, Inc. It is a Pennsylvania 501(C)(3) Corporation.

In addition to funds received through a State grant, the organization launched two official fundraisers for the restoration; an authentic reproduction of The 1938 History of the Reading Fire Department and a second book titled Reading Firefighting.  Both are available for $20, and can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, Borders, the Berks County Historical Society and the Fire Administration Office in City Hall.

To arrange a tour of the Museum, please contact Esmeralda Villasenor in Fire Administration at 610-655-6080.

These four photographs are a small representation of the interesting artifacts and antiques on display at the “Museum”.

Visitors to the exhibit will acquire an understanding of a newly-organized fire department of the 1700’s, and how it progressed over 236 years.

liberty fire station photo Miniature solid silver 1881 Silsby Steamer
The “Museum” is located on the second floor of the Liberty Fire Station at 5th & Laurel Streets. Miniature solid silver 1881 Silsby Steamer, which is an exact replica of the one actually operated by the Liberty Fire Company.  It is the work of S. Murset and Son of Philadelphia, and was presented to the company by the United States Fire Company of Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1895.
12’ hand-carved Canadian maple mantel-fireplace Parade trumpet
12’ hand-carved Canadian maple mantel-fireplace surround in the “Wanamaker Room”.
Parade trumpet (usually adorned with flowers in the flared end) and carried by fire company members during parades and other Department events.