Endorsing Total Solid Waste Minimization Plan

Drafted byDeputy City Clerk
Sponsored by/Referred byEnvironmental Advisory Council
Introduced onApril 27, 2015
Advertised onN/A

RESOLUTION NO. 43 - 2015


Whereas, the Pennsylvania Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act of 1988 requires "counties to submit plans for municipal waste management systems within their boundaries; authorizes grants to counties and municipalities for planning, resource recovery and recycling"; and mandates the City of Reading and other municipalities to implement recycling programs; and

Whereas the County of Berks revised their Municipal Waste Management Plan in 2014 to meet said requirements; and

Whereas the City of Reading recognizes its individual impact on waste disposal and takes a more aggressive approach by establishing its own municipal solid waste management plan with the goal of total solid waste minimization; and

Whereas, the Zero Waste Policy Development Taskforce of the Municipal Waste Management Association, which serves as the environmental affiliate of the US Conference of Mayors, is currently investigating how cities can best incorporate sustainable materials management best practices; and

Whereas, the National League of Cities endorses the STAR Community Rating System as an outcomes-based framework for measuring municipal commitments to sustainability, and said STAR Rating System sets the waste minimization objective of "incremental progress towards achieving a 100% reduction by 2050 in total solid waste generated within the jurisdiction that is disposed of via landfill or incinerator"; and

Whereas, total solid waste is defined as waste that includes, but is not limited to, municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste, organic waste, household hazardous waste, and electronic waste; and

Whereas, the City of Reading realizes the impact City residents, businesses, industries, and the government proper have on the environment and natural resources; and

Whereas, the City of Reading created the City of Reading Environmental Advisory Council to advise City Council on environmental matters such as proposing new environmental protection and sustainability initiatives; and

Whereas, the City of Reading Administration create an Office of Performance and Sustainability as well as the Mayor's Sustainability Committee; and

Whereas, the City of Reading Environmental Advisory Council encourages the City and its residents, businesses, and property owners to work toward sustainability; and

Whereas, the Environmental Advisory Council encourages reuse and recycling of all materials and resources; and

Whereas, the City of Reading has historically worked to increase recycling and to reduce and eliminate waste.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Council of the City of Reading endorses the development of a plan to achieve waste minimization with an ultimate goal of approaching zero total solid waste disposal ("zero waste") through the creation of a fiscally responsible Total Solid Waste Minimization Plan for the City of Reading ; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Reading hereby adopts a waste diversion goal of 50% or better by the year 2030, and achievement of zero waste by 2050.