Mission: To hear and decide matters regarding the revocation of business licenses, appeals of the Property Maintenance Code, Solid Waste Code, Housing Code, and Vending Machine Code.

Meetings:  As Necessary

Mayor appoints member of business community (and alternate), others by Council
created Bill No. 102-2014, December 22, 2014

Term:  3 year staggered terms

  Date Appointed Date Reappointed Term Expiration
Administrative Services Director      
Councilperson from affected City District      
John Hefferon (Mayor)      
Pam Cianciosi - (Council) 02/23/2015 05/14/2018


Barbara Waller - (Council) 05/11/2015 06/11/2018 06/11/2021
Business Community Representative (Mayor)      
Resident at Large (Council)      
Community Group Representative (Council)