Mission: the purposes, powers, and rights, as provided by Article XVIII-C of House Bill No. 465,Session of 2013, including, but not limited to the designation of revitalization and improvement zones in the City, engaging in and financing the construction, including related site preparation and infrastructure, reconstruction or renovation of facilities within such revitalization and improvement zones, for purposes of taking any and all actions and performing any and all duties authorized by a Contracting Authority as defined in and authorized by Article XVIII-C of House Bill No. 465, Session of 2013, and shall have all the purposes, powers, and rights as provided by the Municipality Authorities Act

Liaison CD Director:  610-655-6211

Created by Bill 59-2013, November 12, 2013

Council11 Members5 Year Term 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Vacant04/13/2015 12/31/2019
Charles Milch05/11/2015 12/31/2019
Vacant11/12/2013 12/31/2014
R. David Myers05/26/2015 12/31/2020
Vacant11/12/2013 12/31/2015
Scott Gruber11/12/2013 12/31/2016
Mike Toledo11/12/2013 12/31/2016
Donald Smith Jr11/12/2013 12/31/2017
Vacant11/12/2013 12/31/2017
Vacant11/12/2013 12/31/2018
William Bender11/12/2013 12/31/2018