Council’s rules on public comment give every person an opportunity to be heard and to ensure that no individual is embarrassed by exercising his or her right of free speech. Public comment is permitted at the regular meetings of Council which occur on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. Public comment is not permitted at the City Council work sessions or Committee meetings.
Citizens wishing to address the Council at its regular meetings may do so by giving notice verbally or in writing by providing their name, address and the subject matter to be discussed to the City Clerk before 5 pm on the day of the meeting by calling 610-655-6204, by emailing  or by entering their information in this form or by completing the form located on the podium in Council Chambers between 5 and 7 on the evening of the meeting. Citizens speaking on agenda issues may speak for up to five minutes at the beginning of the meeting. Those speaking on general matters may speak for up to three minutes after the Council action on the legislative matter is complete.
All remarks must be directed to Council as a body and not to any Council member or public or elected official in attendance. Any person making personally offensive or impertinent remarks or who shall become unruly while addressing Council may be called to order by the Presiding Officer and may be barred from speaking before Council, unless permission to continue speaking is granted by a majority vote of Council.
Citizens may not ask questions of Council members or other elected or public officials in attendance. However, Council members, elected or public officials may make a statement in response to comments made by citizens at the conclusion of the public comment period.