Quorum - at least 4 Council Members must be present in order to conduct a regular meeting of Council. Ordinance - legislative act or a local law, normally requiring 2 readings at separate meetings. The ordinance becomes effective after the approval of the Mayor or the override of the Mayor's veto by a supermajority of Council (5 members voting to override the veto).

Resolution - used to adopt policies or direct certain actions, only one reading needed. The Mayor does not have the ability to veto a Resolution.

Referral - if Council would like more information on an ordinance, resolution or issue, the item may be referred to a Committee for review and recommendation.

Executive Sessions - a session closed to the public and press for the discussion of litigation, personnel or contractual matters.

Consent Agenda - Resolutions, awards of contracts, or motions that are considered routine, are not contentious and do not require discussion. There is no discussion on any part of the consent agenda, unless it is removed from the consent agenda by the request of any member of Council.