§ 1203.   Review of Charter. [Amended at the November 2014 General Election]

At least every five years, but no sooner than every three years, City Council and the Mayor shall appoint a Charter Review Commission composed of 11 members. To avoid conflict of interest, no elected City official or employee shall serve on the Charter Review Commission. Nothing herein shall preclude such officials from attending or participating in the actions of the Commission. Seven members of this Commission shall be appointed by City Council and four members shall be appointed by the Mayor. All appointees shall be current residents and registered voters of the City.

The Charter Review Commission shall review the current Charter, submit a report to the City Council, the Mayor, and the citizens of the City, within six months of its appointment, and recommend any proposed amendments to the Charter. City Council and the Mayor, by ordinance, shall place all proposed amendments on the ballot no later than the next municipal election. City Council shall provide appropriations for the reasonable expenses incurred by the Charter Review Commission.

The Commission's work began when they were appointed September 9, 2019 and must complete its work by early April 2020 within six months of the appointment. The Commission is desirous of receiving maximum citizen input. To that end, a survey will be designed to allow you or your organization to submit comments.

Here is the Spanish Survey Form: Formulario de encuesta en español

2019 Charter Review Commission Members  
Will Cinfici - Chair  
Raymond Baker – Vice Chair  
Evelyn Morrison    - Treasurer      
Sheila Perez - Secretary  
Paul Hoh      
Mark Yoder      
Ernest Schlegel   
David Nazario  
Carol Riley  
Angel Torres  
Mike Reese