Certificate Of Transfer Application








City of Reading

Certificate of Transfer Application







  • The Certificate of Transfer is required to accompany the sale of every property in the City of Reading as per City of Reading Codified Ordinance Chapter 431, Part 2.

  • No fee is required for a Certificate of Transfer.

  • A Health and Safety (H&S) Inspection is required for every property transferred in the City of Reading.

  • For any questions on completing this application please contact the Property Maintenance Division Specialist at 610.655.6311


Property Address being transferred:





Total Number of Units:

_______# Residential Units     ______# Commercial Units    _______# Rooming Units



Current owner of record Name:

Current owner of record Address:


Preferred Method of Delivery:



◻USPS Address:_____________________________________________


◻Email Address:_____________________________________________





  • Name:         ______________________________________________

  • Email:         ______________________________________________

  • Phone:        ______________________________________________



Requesting to have Health and Safety prior to settlement.



Tentative settlement date ( if available ):_______________________________


*If yes, be sure to include a written request from the current property owner to authorize the Health and Safety Inspection*



Mail copies to:

Property Maintenance Division.
815 Washington St Rm. 1-30

Reading, PA 19601

Electronic copies to:

Email or Fax



*Incomplete Applications will not be processed.*