Boards, Authorities, and Commissions Application Forms


Board, Authorities & Commissions Application Form


Article X of the City of Reading Home Rule Charter encourages the participation of citizens in their government through the establishment of Boards, Authorities and Commissions to carry out City business. Broad citizen participation is encouraged in the recruitment of appointees and in making appointments.

No appointee of any board, authority, or commission shall hold any other elected public office or any compensated position for the City. No person may serve concurrently on more than one board, authority or commission. The Charter requires all appointees to be residents of the City of Reading. At the discretion of Council, persons not residing in the City may be appointed if they have a significant property holding or business interest in the City. As per the PA Authorities Act, those appointed to Authorities shall be taxpayers, business owners of the municipality or residents.


Youth Commission Application Form


The City of Reading Youth Commission, enacted as Bill 47-2017 amending City Code Chapter 23 by adding Part 15, will serve as an advisory body to the Mayor, City Council, and Managing Director about issues of interest to youth that pertain to youth in the City of Reading. Youth and young adults are impacted by the decisions of City officials, but they seldom have the opportunity to directly participate in the process. Establishment of a Youth Commission will facilitate the participation of youth and young adults in local government, as well as provide City officials an opportunity to hear and address their ideas and concerns.

The City of Reading is looking for 15 Reading residents between the ages 14 and 22 to meet at least quarterly to:

  • Interact with City and County Government leaders
  • Speak on behalf of Reading youth
  • Help local government better understand the issues facing Reading youth
  • Identify initiatives that will engage Reading youth
  • Serve as youth ambassadors for Reading
  • Plan community events and participate in volunteer projects