Board Of Ethics Complaint Form

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BOARD OF ETHICS                                              

CITY OF READING, PA                                      

Send completed form to:
City of Reading
Board of Ethics
POBox 15144

Reading, PA 19612-5144



INSTRUCTIONS Please see other side of this form


1.                  Identify the person you are complaining about:


Name: ____________________________
Home Address: ____________________

Position or Title: _____________________
Phone: Work _______________________
             Home ______________________


2.                  Note the section of the Code of Ethics which you feel has been violated.


3.                  Explain in detail why you believe that the individual named above may have violated the Ethics Code. Attach an extra sheet of paper if necessary.


4.                  Attach or make reference to any documents, materials, minutes, resolutions or other evidence which support your allegations.


5.                  Sworn to and subscribed before me this
_____ day of ______________, _____
(Notary Public)
My Commission expires:

I swear or affirm, under penalty of perjury, that the facts set forth in this complaint are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information,and belief.


Print your name:_______________________
Home Address:________________________
Work Phone: _________________________
Home Phone: _________________________














1.                  Complete all sections of the Complaint Form. Incomplete forms will not be processed.


2.                  Give the specific name and home address of the person about whom you are complaining. If you are complaining about more than one person, use a separate Complaint Form for each person.


3.                  Provide a detailed account of the activity that is alleged to be violative of the Code of Ethics. The Board’s jurisdiction extends solely to alleged violations of the Code of Ethics, Ordinance 28-2013, as amended. Please insure that all allegations relate to specific individuals. If you are not sure that the Board has jurisdiction over the conduct or individual in question, refer to the Code of Ethics, or contact the City of Reading, PA Board of Ethics.


4.                  Enclose records, documents, minutes, etc. that support your allegations.


5.                  Sign the form and have a notary sign, date, affix seal, and note the date their Commission expires.




Any person filing a Complaint with the City of Reading Board of Ethics should be aware of the following provisions of the Ethics Law.



I.    Protection of Complainant No person may be penalized, nor any employee of the City be discharged, suffer change in his/her official rank, grade or compensation, denied a promotion, or threatened for a good faith filing of a Complaint with the Board; or providing information or testifying in any Board proceeding.


SECTION 10 Confidentiality of Board Information

All Board proceedings and records relating to an investigation shall be confidential until a final determination is made by the Board, except as may be required to affect due process. The final order shall become a public record once the subject has exhausted all appeal rights or has failed to timely exercise such rights. All other file material shall remain confidential.


SECTION 11 Wrongful Use of Board of Ethics

The purpose of the Board of Ethics is to endeavor to maintain a high standard of ethical behavior by City employees and officials. This will be most effective when City employees, officials and citizens work together to set and maintain high ethical standards. Complaints directed to the Board must be based on fact. Those filing complaints must have the intent to improve the ethical climate of the City. Wrongful use of the Code is prohibited and those individuals engaged in such conduct may be subject to penalties as set forth in Section 7.


Wrongful use of the Code of Ethics is defined as either:


1.                  Filing an unfounded, frivolous or false complaint. A complaint is unfounded, frivolous or false if it is filed in a grossly negligent manner without a basis in law or fact and was made for a purpose other than reporting a violation of this Code. A person has not filed a frivolous complaint if he/she reasonably believes that facts exist to support the claim and either reasonably believes that under those facts the complaint is valid under this Code or acts upon the advice of counsel sought in good faith and given after full disclosure of all relevant facts within his/her knowledge and information.

2.                  Publicly disclosing or causing to be disclosed  information regarding the status of proceedings before the Board and facts underlying a complaint before the Board, including the identity of persons involved and that a complaint has been filed.