Mission: To oversee the operation of the Santander Center and Santander Performing Arts Center.

Meetings: 3rd Thursday of every other Month 7:00 a.m. Santander Arena

Chuck Phillips, Solicitor

Joint authority with the County, incorporated with the State August 29, 1996, City members approved by Bill No. 16-96, June 24, 1996 and County members approved by Ordinance No. 2-96, June 20, 1996.

Council7 Members4 Year Term 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
P. Michael Ehlerman (County)6/20/199607/01/20168/29/2020
Carl Herbein (City) - Chair6/24/199612/09/20138/29/2020
Michele Richards (County)3/02/2017 8/29/2019
Michael Fiucci (City)4/17/20005/11/20158/29/2019
John Ernesto (County)8/22/20028/28/201408/29/2018
Burlee Adams (City) (Alternates) resigned 8/1706/10/200209/22/201408/29/2018
Michael Gombar Jr (City)01/09/2017 08/29/2020