If you are a tenant and your landlord has not taken action to exterminate the bed bugs, please call the Citizen Service Center at 1-877-727-3234.  If you are a homeowner, please contact an exterminator.
Signs that You May Have a Bed Bug Problem:
  • Waking up with bite marks, usually in a line or a circle
  • Observing red stains on your sheets, Mattress, or other furniture near your bed
  • Finding live or dead bed bugs (best seen through a magnifying glass)
What Can You Do?
  • Pull bed away from wall
  • Put clothes, bedding and other potentially infested item in a clothes dryer for at least 20 minutes on HIGH heat. Once the items are removed, seal them in plastic bags so bugs cannot get in again.
  • Vacuum on a regular basis. Remove the vacuum bag and seal it in a plastic bag and dispose immediately.
Over the Next Few Days:
  • Buy a bed bug mattress and/or box spring cover
  • Seal all cracks and crevices along baseboards and around windows with caulk
  • Eliminate clutter
  • Do not store items under your bed
  • Vacuum often (once a day)
  • Launder bedding and clothing frequently
If you suspect Bedbugs: Do’s and Don’ts
  • If renting, DO notify your landlord
  • If using a pesticide, DO read and follow directions
  • Don’t bug bomb
  • Don’t use pesticides not approved for bed bugs
  • Don’t spray mattress or yourself unless pesticide is labeled for such use

For best results, consult a professional exterminator

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