The purpose of utility poles is to support the electric and communications infrastructure of our communities.  However, utility poles also happen to be very convenient for placing holiday decorations and information promoting community events. 

To that end, this letter is being sent to reinforce the proper procedure to place banners or community improvement/holiday decorations on Metropolitan Edison Company (“Met-Ed”) owned poles (generally speaking, wooden poles are utility-owned). 

Non-approved banners, lights and signs that are placed on Met-Ed owned poles can become a serious safety issue to the public, Met-Ed employees as well as employees of cable and phone companies.  Specifically, improperly attached items on utility poles can cause fires, outages and electrical hazards including electrocution. 

The following is the required procedure to request placement of banners or any kind of community improvement and/or holiday decorations on Met-Ed owned poles: 

1.  A list of poles must to be submitted to Met-Ed Joint Use Department 
-A Field Designer will review the list of poles and determine if there are any   issues with clearances on the poles requested. 
2.  An attachment agreement needs to be executed prior to placement of items on Met-Ed owned poles. 
3.  A $1,000,000.00 Certificate of Liability insurance is required prior to permission being granted to attach banners or decorations on Met-Ed owned poles. 

Met-Ed does not allow the following: 
·        Poles to be wrapped with lights from the ground up. 
o        Clearances begin at 15’6”. 
·        Extension cords, for any reason to light decorations on Met-Ed owned poles. 
o        Use only outlets that have been approved by Met-Ed design on Met-Ed owned poles for powering approved lightning decorations. 
·        Horizontal banners placed between two Met-Ed owned poles or across roadways/highways/streets between Met-Ed owned poles. 
·        Stapled lights or signs to Met-Ed owned poles. 
·        Metal brackets shall not be used to hang Met-Ed approved banners or holiday decorations on Met-Ed owned poles. No metallic or conductive material in either the banner or support device and pole attachment bands is permitted. 

To make a request for banners or any kind of decoration to be placed on Met-Ed owned poles please contact Met-Ed Joint Use Department at (610) 921-6921 or  If your community currently has banners or decorations on Met-Ed owned poles, and an attachment agreement does not exist, please contact Met-Ed Joint Use Department. 

Thank you for helping to make our communities safer! 

Karen Baxter 
External Affairs Manager