Adopt-A-Tree Program

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Thank you for your interest in the Reading Shade Tree Commission's Adopt-A- Tree program. By submitting this form, you are expressing interest in the Adopt- A-Tree program. A letter of agreement will be sent to you for official submission to the program.


Property Owner’s Name:_________________________________________


Mailing Address:______________________________________________


Telephone No.:__________________________________


Number of Trees Requested______________________________


Tree Planting Address:____________________________________________


In order to participate in the Adopt-A-Tree program, I agree to the following terms and conditions:


  • I will accept and care for the tree species that is supplied to me. (Property owner preferences will be fulfilled whenever possible but cannot be guaranteed)

  • I will carefully observe the Shade Tree Commission's specifications, Chapter 555- 105 of the City of Reading Codified Ordinance subsection I, when locating & cutting out the tree pit & planting the tree. (We must avoid utilities and other obstacles)

  • I will make sure that the planting hole is covered so no one could trip over or fall into it before the tree is planted.

  • I will care for the tree according to Chapter 555 of the City of Reading Codified Ordinances. This includes watering, mulching, pruning, weed removal, etc., and by protecting the tree as much as possible from physical injury.

  • I will inform the next property owner, if applicable, that the tree will become their responsibility.

  • I will take all necessary safety precautions so that I will not injure myself, anyone else or damage property when planting the tree.

  • I understand that, with time, large trees may uplift sidewalks and that I agree to keep the sidewalk area around my tree free of conditions that may cause someone to trip.



(Signature of property owner & date)