Addendum 3 - 18th Wonder Engineering Services





ADDENDUM NO. 3 Project: 18th Wonder – Engineering Services
  DUE DATE: Friday, July 6, 2018



This addendum is issued for the purpose of clarifying the intent of the contract documents, for making necessary corrections, deletions, and additions to the documents.


RFP Document Changes:

Page 1, PURPOSE, delete the last sentence that reads “A lump sum…” in its entirety. Refer to page 5, COST PROPOSAL, for the Consultant’s fee basis.


Page 3, first paragraph, revise the phrase “…delivered within 90 calendar days…”, to state “…delivered within 100 calendar days…”.


Questions and Answers:

Some of the Questions and Answers below were included on the first RFP and are restated here with some modifications due to the increased scope of work.


Q1. If the ramps are to be designed by contractor, what is the role of the consultant?

A1. The Consultant is to determine the exact locations and number of ramps for replacement, as well as determining to the greatest extent possible all utility/obstruction information. Project scope does not include survey.


Q2. Are green infrastructure and bike paths to be considered?

A2. Green infrastructure is not required but shall be considered during the preliminary engineering for inclusion in the final design, if appropriate. The Project is not intended to go beyond of the right-of-way boundaries. The Consultant shall perform the site surveys as necessary to satisfy the requirements of the PS&E authorization, and to provide the necessary base plan for the critical elements of the boulevard repaving project. The City would look for guidance regarding green infrastructure with respect to the needs of the City’s MS4 permit, and in consideration of the 18th Wonder’s comp plan. The main goal for this project is to make the corridor accessible for pedestrians and vehicles.


Q3. What is the existing right-of-way (ROW)?

A3. The right-of-way widths are available at the Public Works office and are noted on the City’s Official Topographic Survey plan.


Q4. Does the topographic survey have inlet elevations?

A4. No, the survey does not contain inlet elevations, but there is GIS data available which will be provided to the selected Consultant.


Q5. What permitting will be required by consultant?

A5. NPDES permitting is not anticipated for the Project since the disturbed area is located within the existing right of way. For the 18th Wonder Curb Ramp Project, PennDOT authorization will be required for the ADA curb ramp review which normally occurs during the construction phase. Consultant shall assist with ROW and historical/cultural environmental reviews (District Office). PennDOT approval for curb ramps in the Hancock/East Wyomissing Boulevard Project will not be required.


Q6. What type of details should the consultant provide?

A6. No ADA curb ramp details are required by the Consultant. The Consultant is responsible for preparing specifications instructing what details the contractor will be required to submit for PennDOT and City approval.


Q7. What is the funding source?

A7. The City’s funding for engineering services for each project is described in the RFP under the Scope of Work. The Consultant shall be responsible for accurately recording the time and materials expended for each project separately, and for invoicing these services separately so that those charges can be applied to the correct funding source.


Q8. Is the consultant to be involved during the construction phase?

A8. Yes, and each project has a different level of service. For the 18th Wonder project the Consultant will be required to provide design support only, for RFI’s, change orders and other design related assistance. The consultant will not be required to provide inspection services for that project. However, for the Hancock/East Wyomissing Boulevard Project the Consultant will be responsible for periodic site inspection, and other construction related services as described in the RFP. These services shall be described in the proposal.


Q9. What does it mean to be PennDOT prequalified?

A9. The consultant must have prior project experience on similar PennDOT funded projects as described in the RFP under Qualification and Technical Proposals.


Q10. Will the PS&E package have to be entered into ECMS?

A10. Yes the plan, specification & estimates (PS&E) will need to be uploaded to PennDOT’s Engineering and Construction Management System (ECMS).


Q11. Please clarify if the environmental Clearance will be done by PennDOT (through MTA or other means) or if the selected consultant will be required to complete the Environmental Clearance documents. If the Consultant please state the exact level of clearance that is anticipated.

A11. The Consultant will be required to submit the appropriate drawings and other documents necessary to PennDOT, and then PennDOT will perform the environmental clearances.


Q12. Will the City of Reading accept responses from firms that can only supply construction phase services? Is the City looking to award a single contract for all tasks including design, bidding and construction services? Would the City consider awarding construction phase services to a separate firm then the one that provided the Design and bidding services?

A12. No, the City will be awarding the consulting contract to one consulting firm to provide all of the requested services. The City, however, will be selecting a PennDOT inspector from a qualified firm to provide the construction inspection of the 18th Wonder Curb Ramps Project. That inspector and the firm must be qualified for PennDOT highway inspection services.


End of Addendum




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