Addendum 2 - Schuykill River Trail North Gap





ADDENDUM NO. 2BID:       Schuylkill River Trail – Engineering Services
DUE DATE:       3:00 PM, Prevailing Time
                                   May 7, 2018



This addendum is issued for the purpose of clarifying the intent of the Request for Proposals, for making necessary corrections, deletions, and additions to the documents.


RFP - Deliverables, 2nd paragraph:


DELETE the sentence “The City will incorporate these documents into the City’s standard front end contract document package and will manage the advertisement and procurement of the construction contract (not a Pennbid procurement).”

REPLACE WITH: “The Consultant will incorporate the Plans and Technical Specifications into PennDOT’s standard PS&E bidding format in ECMS. The Consultant will assist the City with the bid phase management of the construction contract that will be advertised and awarded using the PennDOT process for letting contracts in ECMS.”


Questions and Answers:


Q1. RFP says City will bid out, not PennDOT PS&E process?

A1. Refer to the change noted above.


Q2. Will all PennDOT approvals apply (R.O.W., environmental, historic, etc.)?

A2. PennDOT approvals will apply, but all may not require extensive work. For example, the environmental review will be conducted by PennDOT, not the Consultant. However, the Consultant will be responsible for supplying PennDOT with the plans and other documentation needed for the approvals and any responses required to gain PennDOT approval. Please note that it appears that most or all of the Project area is in the FEMA floodplain.


Q3. Will survey be required?

A3. Yes, as needed to prepare appropriate construction plans acceptable to PennDOT. Be aware that there are several large sanitary sewer, stormwater, and water mains that run along River Road within the area of the Project. A RAWA water main installation project is currently in progress in this Project area. The City and RAWA will share their utility survey mapping with the Consultant.


Q4. What kind of permitting will be required?

A4. Construction permits shall be determined by the consultant. City of Reading construction permits will be required but the fees will be waived. Other permits and fees from RAWA, other utilities, Reading Parking Authority, etc. may be required. Design phase permitting NPDES,

BCCD, etc. will be determined by the Consultant. Planning Commission approval is not required.


Q5. Has PennDOT assigned a Project Manager?

A5. Yes, PennDOT has assigned a Project Manager to this project.


Q6. Is the right-of-way fence at the railroad city owned or railroad owned?

A6. The City assumes this fence is within the right-of-way and should not require permits or easements from Norfolk Southern.


Q7. Do you see Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requirements effecting the design?

A7. If design is affected then the requirement should be noted in your proposal. Otherwise when for this bid, assume TAP & HUD will not conflict. If after the award it is discovered that they do conflict, then the City will have to work that out with the consultant. Be aware of DBE requirements.


Q8. Is there pubic involvement assistance required?

A8. Yes, the consultant shall assist the City with a public presentations of the project to both the City administration and to City Council. This will require display boards of the project, collection of verbal and written comments and responses to the comments.


Q9. Will Stormwater management and NPDES be required?

A9. Use the documents in the RFP to base your response to this question. At this time the City does not anticipate a need for E&SPC or NPDES permitting because the project is within the ROW and only involves redevelopment of the existing pavement areas.


Q10. What are budget limitations?

A10. TAP grant award is $940,000 for the entire project for all construction phases. The construction estimate for the “North Gap” phase will be determined by the Consultant.


Q11. How is the TAP grant split between Phase I & II?

A11. To be determined by the Consultant.


Q12. DBE requirements hasn’t been quantified yet?

A12. The DBE requirements for construction have not been determined yet. The MBE and WBE goals for the consultant award are specified by City policy and will be a factor for the selection of the Consultant.


Q13. Is topographical survey in a digital available for the project area?

A13. The City official Topographic Plan is available at the Public Works office but is not available in a digital format.


Q14. Has the project obtained environmental, utility, or right of way clearance from PennDOT?

A14. No, it has not. Refer to question 2 above.


Q15. Do you anticipate the need for right-of-way acquisition services to be provided for this project?

A15. No right-of-way acquisition is anticipated at this time since all of the anticipated Project area is within the existing right of way. For this bid assume that these services will be needed only for PennDOT ROW coordination. If right-of-way acquisition is required then the City will require the consultant to provide those services as additional services.




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