Addendum 2 - 2018 Street Paving Project






ADDENDUM NO. 2 Project: 2018 Paving Project
               DUE DATE: September 25, 2018


This addendum is issued for the purpose of clarifying the intent of the contract documents, for making necessary corrections, deletions, and additions to the documents.


Technical Specifications

1. Section 01 11 00 Part 3.01 Scope of Work: Revise the last sentence to read “The Contract work shall be completed 304 days from the Notice to Proceed date, approximately November 1, 2018 to September 1, 2019. The actual contract time period will coincide with the Notice to Proceed date.”


Form MS-944

1. Revise form MS-944: Replace the original MS-944 with the revised Form MS-944 attached to this Addendum. Specific changes to this form are reviewed in the Questions and Answers contained herein.


Questions and Answers


Q1. Is the any addendum issued at this time?

A1. Yes


Q2. Is there an architect or engineer involve?

A2. Yes, the City has contracted with Great Valley Consultants to assist with the engineering design and construction phase services with this project.


Q3. What is the name of the design firm?

A3. The engineer assisting the City of Reading is Great Valley Consultants (GVC).


Q4. What is the estimated construction cost?

A4. The estimated cost range is $1.9 to $2.5 million.


Q5. What is the address of this project?

A5. City of Reading, PA. Various work area locations are noted in the contract drawings.


Q6. At the pre-bid meeting, comments were made regarding the three (3) intersection where the City is expecting the signal Contractor/general Contractor to do a detailed overhaul of the pedestrian traffic signals (Item 9000-0007). Please confirm these intersections are 8th Street & Oley Street, 13th Street & Exeter Street and 13th Street & Rockland Street.

A6. The intersections included in Item A.9000-0007 are 13th Street & Exeter Street and 13th Street

& Rockland Street, and in Item B.9000-0007 is 8th Street & Oley Street.


Q7. Item C.0311-0424 seems light, or C.0203-0004 is incorrect. You are calling out 1059 cubic yards of select base removal in Item C. 0203-0004 and going back in with 5” 25mm in Item C. 0311-0424 at 481 tons. Please clarify.

A7. Item C.0203-0004 includes both the 5” depth excavation for the select base repair on Washington Street and the 12” full depth reconstruction. Both items are Class 1B excavation. For clarification, the 5” depth select base repair is 100 square yards and the full depth reconstruction is 1,155 square yards. In the revised MS-944 Form, Item C.0311-0425 has been added for the 5.5” depth base course installed in the reconstruction, and items C.0311-0424 and C.0703-0024 have been adjusted accordingly.


Q8. Can you please separate Item C.1. It would appear that you have select base repair of 5" depth lumped in with full depth reconstruction This should be addressed as an item for full depth and an item for select 5" depth. Also item C.2 Is listed as 5" depth which is correct for select base repair but incorrect for full depth reconstruction as plans show 5.5" 25mm. This situation also occurs on E.1 and E.2 as well as F.1 and F.2

A8. Please refer to the previous clarification. Items associated with Rose Garden Road and Constitution Boulevard have been adjusted exactly as explained in the previous answer. For further clarification, the 5” depth select base repair is 300 square yards and the full depth reconstruction is 1,876 square yards. In the revised MS-944 Form, Item F.0311-0425 has been added for the 5.5” depth base course installed in the reconstruction, and items F.0311-0424 and F.0703-0024 have been adjusted accordingly. Similar items for “E. Poplar Street” have been removed and clarification is not applicable.


Q9. Item E.1 calls for 1.5" depth milling of 2000 square yards. According to what I have measured out there the whole street isn't even that amount of square yards. It would appear that we are going to fully reconstruct Poplar Street so why are we milling 1.5" depth in item E.1 anyway? Item E.4 Calls out 2,000 square yards of geo grid? Are we reconstructing this street or not.

A9.The quantity for item E.0491-0012 (1-1/2” Depth Milling) has been adjusted to 1,800 square yards. Items E. 0203-0004, E.0311-0424, E.0411-0494 and E.0411-1492 have been adjusted accordingly based on this adjustment. The entire street will have select base repair, not full depth reconstruction. Therefore, the geogrid and 2A aggregate items have been removed accordingly. For clarification, the select base repair for this street is calculated on 600 square yards.


Q10. Poplar St. – Shouldn’t this street also be included in the allowed street closure list?

A10. As for all streets in this contract, Poplar Street must remain open to allow the parking garage to operate during business hours. If Poplar Street must be closed for more than 25 minutes, the closure must be scheduled at night between the hours of 7:00 PM and 5:00 AM. The

Contractor must coordinate the street closure with the Reading Parking Authority and the City to ensure that the garage patrons are not confined by the work.


Q11. What is the RRA Parking Permit Fee?

A11. The parking permit fee for contractors doing work for the city is $1/day, refer to City code Chapter 212, Ordinance 19A-2018. The Contractor is responsible for all permits and fees.


Q12. Is the Contractor responsible for installing new conduit and other items for the traffic signals

A12. Section 3.04, “Description of Work” in the Technical Specifications states “Work incidental to this item includes the realignment and restoration of any existing electrical conduits and cables that may be affected by the work.” Therefore, the replacement of any conduit as needed is considered incidental to this item.


Q13. The July 15 end date is not reasonable. It would give the contractor only 3-4 months next spring to install 90 ramps. Would need 3 crews. Also additional time is needed for PennDOT to approve the revised signal permits. Can the schedule be revised to accommodate this?

A13. The contract time period has be revised. Refer to the contract period change as noted in this addendum.


Q14. Will the concrete require testing?

A14. The installation of the ADA curb ramps shall meet the design submitted by the Contractor and approved by PennDOT at the intersections of 8th Street & Oley Street, 13th Street & Exeter Street and 13th Street & Rockland Street. Testing of the concrete will not be required to meet the PennDOT standards. The ADA curb ramp will be subject to inspection by the City of Reading and PennDOT at the completion of the ADA curb ramps and intersection improvements.


Q15. Are the cheekwalls for ADA ramps included in the curb quantity or the sidewalk quantity?

A15. The cheekwalls and the respective assumed quantity of cheekwalls was previously included with the sidewalk quantities. The cheekwalls have been changed as indicated in the revised MS-944 Form, and are now included in the curbing quantities. This has resulted in the adjustment of items A.9000-0003, A.9000-0004, B.9000-0003, B.9000-0004, D.9000-0003, D.9000-0004, E.9000-0003, E.9000-0004, G.9000-0003 and G.9000-0004.


Q16. Is there a duplicate Item E.0695-0003?

A16. Item E.0695-0003 “Detectable Warning Surface - Composite Concrete (2'x4')” was a duplicate item on the previous MS-944 bid form and has been removed on the revised Form.


End of Addendum




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