Addendum 2 - 2018 Repaving Project - Engineering Services

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ADDENDUM NO. 2Project: 2018 Repaving Engineering Services

DUE DATE: Friday, January 12, 2018


This addendum is issued for the purpose of clarifying the intent of the contract documents, for making necessary corrections, deletions, and additions to the documents.


Questions and Answers


Q1. Does the City have a budget in mind for either the repaving project design and/or the actual construction?

A1. The estimated project cost is $2.5 to $3.0 million (concept phase estimate).


Q2. What is the funding source?

A2. PennDOT Liquid Fuel funds.


Q3. The Complete Streets Executive Order mentions “green streets”. Is the City interested in best management practices/innovative storm water infrastructure design within the scope of this project?

A3. The City would like to install stormwater BMP’s in the City ROW to the extent that the physical conditions and budgets allow. The City has no current plans for BMP’s in this project scope, however any suggestions or ideas are welcomed.


Q4. Is there any data available on the existing pavement structure?

A4. The only records available are some historic aerial photos collected from the internet. No design or as-built drawings have been located for these streets. The consultant should include in their proposal testing the pavement conditions, such as a core sample analysis, to determine the existing pavement structural conditions.


Q5. Can you provide a rough estimate of the number of hours of inspection time?

A5. For bidding purposes use 500 hours of inspection time. The actual inspection time will be determined in the field on a daily, intermittent basis (not full time) as construction conditions require. The consultant will need to provide sufficient inspection coverage to insure that the work is installed correctly and to confirm final quantities. The City will provide the administrative management and will provide some periodic construction inspection as needed.


Q6. Can you confirm how many traffic signals will be involved in the construction contract?

A6. We don’t have an exact final count but it will probably be 4 or 5 signaled intersections. The intersections at the state roads have already been upgraded by PennDOT this past construction season and will not be included in the 2018 Repaving Project. The ADA crosswalk improvements at each intersection, including the signaled intersections, will be the Contractor’s responsibility. The Consultant will prepare the Technical Specifications for this work, and will review the Contractor’s signal permit revisions and ramp designs for approval.

Q12. Will the project require any storm system upgrades or additional stormwater feature improvements?

A12. The City does not anticipate that stormwater system improvements will be required. The engineering firm, however, may determine that stormwater system issues or other problems will require improvement during the development of the pavement design. If so, the City expects any needed repairs to these problems to be included in the final technical package.


Q13. What are the right-of-way dimensions for the project streets?

A13. The right-of-way widths are available at the Public Works office and are noted on the City’s Official Topographic Survey plan.


Q16. Should the final Technical Specification utilize the standard PennDOT construction items bid form?

A16. Yes, MS-944 with pay items as per or similar to PennDOT Pub 7.


Q19. Will field survey and base plans be required?

A19. The City does not foresee the need for a total site survey for this project. However, if the consultant justifies that a site survey of the streets, or selected sections of the streets, would be beneficial to the success of the project, then this will be considered.


Q21. Does the project include evaluation and/or replacement of curb?

A21. The City is not scheduling the replacement of curbs prior to the repaving work. Some curbing replacement may be included in the repaving contract if the consultant recommends this as part of the final design.


Q22. Are any City permits required for the construction Project?

A22. City Street Cut Permits will be required if cuts are required for the installation of a utility pipe, conduit, duct bank, or other utility facilities. Pavement cores and street reconstruction do not require permits. Contractors will be required to secure street and lane closure authorization, sidewalk closure permits (through Public Works), and temporary parking restriction permits (through the Reading Parking Authority).


Q23. Will the consultant be required to provide coordination with PennDOT Municipal Services staff relative to the use of Liquid Fuels monies or will the City handle that?

A23. The City will administrate the repaving project and will coordinate with PennDOT and Liquid Fuel Fund reporting. The Consultant will provide the City with the review of the revised traffic signal plans, pay quantities, and assist the City with any change orders as required.


Q23. Can you provide a construction Schedule?

A23. The anticipated project schedule is attached for bidding purposes. The selected Consultant will be responsible for reviewing this schedule and shall provide recommendations for modifications.

Attachment: Project Schedule – Concept Phase




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