Addendum 2 - 18th Wonder

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ADDENDUM NO. 2BID:     18th Wonder – Engineering Services
DUE DATE:         3:00 PM, Prevailing Time
                                   May 4, 2018



This addendum is issued for the purpose of clarifying the intent of the contract documents, for making necessary corrections, deletions, and additions to the documents.


RFP - Deliverables, 2nd paragraph:


DELETE the sentence “The City will incorporate these documents into the City’s standard front end contract document package and will manage the advertisement and procurement of the construction contract (not a Pennbid procurement).”


REPLACE WITH: “The Consultant shall incorporate the Plans and Technical Specifications into PennDOT’s standard PS&E bidding format in ECMS. The Consultant shall assist the City with the bid phase management of the construction contract that will be advertised and awarded using the PennDOT process for letting contracts in ECMS.”


Questions and Answers


Q1. If the ramps are to be designed by contractor, what is the role of the consultant?

A1. The consultant is to determine the exact locations and number of ramps for replacement, as well as determining to the greatest extent possible all utility/obstruction information. This shall be incorporated into the PS&E’s in a format that is acceptable to PennDOT. Project scope does not include survey for the ramps.


Q2. Are green infrastructure and bike paths to be considered?

A2. Green infrastructure is not required for this project. The project is not intended to go outside of the right-of-way. Consultant will not be performing any survey (construction to be design/build). The City would look for input regarding locations chosen and consideration of the City’s master plan. The main goal for this project is to make the corridor handicap accessible.


Q3. What is the existing Right-of-Way (ROW)?

A3. The right-of-way widths are available at the Public Works office and are noted on the City’s Official Topographic Plan.


Q4. Does the topographic survey have inlet elevations?

A4. No, the Topographic Plan does not contain inlet elevations, but there is GIS data available which will be provided to the Consultant after the award.


Q5. What permitting will be required by consultant?

A5. The City does not anticipate that NPDES permitting or E&SCP approval will be required because all work proposed is road maintenance. ADA review will take place during the construction phase.

Consultant to assist with ROW and historical/cultural environmental reviews (District Office).


Q6. What type of details should the consultant provide for the curb ramps?

A6. No ramp details are required. The Consultant is responsible for preparing specifications to instruct the Contractor of the proper design requirements for PennDOT approval.


Q7. What is the funding source?

A7. The funding for design is through a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). The Federal community block grant/Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requirements must be met.


Q8. Is the consultant to be involved during the construction phase?

A8. During the Construction Phase the Consultant shall be responsible for answering contractor design questions and RFI’s, and assisting with change orders related to the work prepared by the Consultant. The consultant will not be performing inspection duties.


Q9. What does it mean to be PennDOT prequalified?

A9. The consultant shall be listed on PennDOT’s “Business Partner” list in ECMS with appropriate designations such as “design support”.


Q10. Will the PS&E package have to be entered into ECMS?

A10. Yes the Consultant shall manage the City’s technical support such as uploading the plan, specification & estimates (PS&E) to PennDOT’s Engineering and Construction Management System (ECMS).


Q11. Is the City’s topographical survey available in digital format?

A11. No, it’s only available in paper. The Consultant shall coordinate this with Public Works.


Q12. Will all PennDOT approvals apply (R.O.W. acquisition, Historic, etc.)?

A12. PennDOT approvals will apply, but all may not be applicable. For example, the environmental review will be conducted by PennDOT, not the Consultant. However, the Consultant will be responsible for supplying PennDOT with the plans and other documentation needed for the approvals. No right of acquisition is anticipated at this time since all of the anticipated work area is within the existing right of way. For this bid assume that these services will be needed only for PennDOT ROW coordination. If right of way acquisition is required then the City will require the consultant to provide those services as additional services.


Q13. What kind of permitting will be required?

A13. Construction permits shall be determined by the Consultant. City of Reading construction permits will be required but the fees will be waived. Other permits and fees from RAWA, other utilities, Reading Parking Authority, etc. may be required. Design phase permitting NPDES, BCCD, etc. will be determined by the Consultant. Planning Commission approval is not required.


Q14. Is there pubic involvement required?

A14. Yes, the consultant shall assist the City with public presentations of the project to City administration and to City Council.




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