Addendum 1 - Kenhorst Blvd. Project





ADDENDUM NO. 1 Project: Kenhorst Blvd. Paving Project
              DUE DATE: Tuesday, August 1, 2017


This addendum is issued for the purpose of clarifying the intent of the contract documents, for making necessary corrections, deletions, and additions to the documents.


REVISE: Change the bid opening from Monday 7-31-2017 to “…3:00 PM prevailing time, on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.”



Pages as noted below


  1. Proposal on pages 14 and 15;

  2. Form MS-944 Proposal Contract on pages 22 and 23;

  3. City’s “CONTRACT” form on pages 45 and 46;

  4. Form MS-944 “Attachment A” on pages BF-1, BF-2 and BF-3;

  5. Drawings, 19 sheets total.

REPLACE WITH: The revised Proposal, Contract Form MS-944 and Drawings, attached to this Addendum. Note the following:

  1. Contract completion period is 75 days,

  2. Bid opening time is 2:00 PM, on July 31,

  3. Liquidated damages shall be $500 per calendar day,

  4. Various items changes as indicated in the bid schedule,

  5. Other changes as indicated.



Section 01 20 00, Part 1.08

REMOVE: Part 1.08 in its entirety. Refer to Form MS-944 for the contract period.



Title page

REMOVE: last page of technical Specifications Titled “TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS”. REPLACE WITH: Title page “SPECIAL PROVISIONS”.

Section 3.02, item A.3.

REMOVE: The sentence “Items A.1., A.2. and A.3. shall be completed prior to start of all other items of this project.”

Section 3.02, item A.27

REMOVE: “All lanes of traffic must maintain a minimum effective width of twelve feet (12’) throughout the work zone.”

REPLACE WITH: “All lanes of traffic must maintain a minimum effective width of ten feet (10’)throughout the work zone.”

ADD: Working hours for this project are unrestricted.

Section 3.02, items A.21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26 OMIT: “Posts shall be square steel”

REPLACE WITH: “Posts shall be U-channel epoxy coated, color: green, with breakaway connection, in accordance with City of Reading standards”.

Section 3.02, item A.28

ADD: Portland Cement-40 Tons. Specifications as indicated in the section.

Section 3.02, item A.29

ADD: No Pedestrian Crossing (R9-3) Signs-4 Each. Specifications as indicated in the section.

Section 3.02, items D.

REMOVE: All reference to epoxy pavement markings.

REPLACE WITH: Items D.1., D.2., D.3. and D.4. shall be hot thermoplastic pavement markings per PennDOT Publication 408 Section 960.


MS-944 Proposal Contract: Item A.6.

REMOVE: 6,350 Gallons REPLACE WITH: 31,750 Gallons

Item A.28.

ADD: Portland Cement-40 Tons.

Item A.29.

ADD: No Pedestrian Crossing (R9-3) Signs-4 Each.

Item D.


OMIT: Epoxy Pavement Markings.

REPLACE WITH: Hot Thermoplastic Pavement Markings.


Plan Drawings:

Sheet 5062-011-D-001

REMOVE: Sheet 5062-011-D-001

REPLACE WITH: Sheet 5062-011-D-001, with the arrows reversed as previously shown for the 19mm binder course and the 9.5mm leveling course.


Questions and Answers


Q1. Does this contract include prevailing wages?

A1. Yes, this is a PennDOT Liquid Fuels Fund project. State prevailing wages apply. The link to this project’s wages listing will be provided in the Addendum.


Q2. Is the bidder required to submit the notarized notice listed in the EEO Affirmative Action section of the project manual? Are the goals voluntary?

A2. Yes, submit the notarized EEO form with the bid, and yes, goals are voluntary.

Q3. Is the Contractor required to pay the City of Reading Business Privilege License fee and Business Privilege Tax?

A3. Yes.


Q4. What is the expected time the City will issue a Notice to Procced?

A4. The City anticipates the contract to be awarded by City Council by August 14 following a successful receipt of bids. The Contractor would be expected to commence the work within a few days following the award by Council.


Q5. Is the Contractor responsible for keeping traffic open during construction?

A5. Yes, refer to Description of Work, item No. 27. Traffic must be maintained for Kenhorst Boulevard at all times with exceptions to reasonable delays. During construction, the Contractor must maintain a minimum effective width of ten feet (10’) throughout the work zone.


Q6. Can the 12’ minimum lane restriction be waived? I don’t see how that will work.

A6: See response to Q5 above.


Q7: Are we able to install signage on square PA DOT approved sign posts instead of breakaway posts? These square post will be Powder Coated! And what color do you want?

A7: The sign post spec was changes see Special Provisions above.


Q8: Assuming an August 14th NTP with a 75 day completion that takes us to October 27th. P DOT DISTRICT 5 will only allow paving until October 31st. This is extremely tight even with the City allowing us to work unrestricted hours.

A8: The goal is to complete the project this year. City will work with the Contractor to as much as possible to achieve this goal.


Q9: Has the City thought about a detour? This will allow the contractor to work more efficiently.

A9: Extended closing of Kenhorst Boulevard is not permitted due to the high volume of traffic this road carries. Brief closings as needed to allow brief critical construction operations are addressed in the specifications.


Q10. What are the required work hours?

A10. This project has no specified required work hours. The Contractor shall establish the work schedule with the goal to complete the work within the contract period this construction season. The Contractor shall submit the work schedule in writing for approval by the Engineer. Any changes to the schedule shall be provide to the Engineer for approval at least 1 week in advance of the change.


Q11. How does the Contractor restrict parking in the work zone?

A11. The Contractor is responsible for providing all parking restrictions within the work zone as they deem necessary. The Contractor shall coordinate that work with the Reading Parking Authority.

Parking restriction permits and signs shall be obtained from the RPA by the Contractor. Use of any unauthorized “no parking” signs is prohibited.

Q12. Can Portland cement be used to help accelerate the cure time for the Cold In Place recycling work?

A12. Yes, this is acceptable by PennDOT and by this Contract. A separate pay item is included to address this element.


Q13. Will any traffic signal loop sensors require replacement in this Contract?

A13. Yes, it is anticipated that at least one loop sensor on the north bound lane at the approach to the Museum Road and Kenhorst Boulevard intersection will require replacement, and approximately four (4) on the south bound lane at the approach to the Lancaster Avenue and Kenhorst Boulevard intersection. Refer to those work items in MS-944.


Q14. Can the Cold in Place recycling work proceed prior to the work over the twenty-two feet (22’) wide concrete subbase?

A14. The Contractor can perform the work over the 22’ wide concrete subbase and the Cold In Place Recycling in the order that best fits the Contractor to complete the Work. The restriction of completing the work over the 22’ wide concrete subbase has been removed from the Project.


Q15. Can the pavement markings as they relate to the alternate epoxy substitute thermoplastic instead?

A15. Item D. has had the epoxy requirement removed and replaced with white hot thermoplastic pavement markings. This applies to items D.1., D.2., D.3. and D.4.


Q16. On Drawing 5062-011-D-001, Roadway Typical Section shows a 9.5mm 0.3 to 3.0 -90-LB /SY leveling course over concrete subbase only. Does the variable depth 19mm leveling course go over the concrete as explained in the prebid meeting?

A16. Yes, the arrows for the 19mm binder course and the 9.5mm leveling course have been reversed on the Roadway Typical Section detail.




End of Addendum




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