Addendum 1 - Case Management Software Rebid





ADDENDUM NO. 1  RFP:                 RFP – Case Management
DUE DATE:     September 10, 2018
                          3:00 P.M. Prevailing Time




This addendum must be signed, attached to, and returned with your proposal to the City of Reading by the time and date indicated ABOVE:


Q1.Please provide the number of software users?

A1. 6 users.


Q2.Please advise if you require the resumes for each Professional Service Staff members this project.



Q3.Please provide a copy of your Terms and Conditions for Service. A3. There is no copy of terms and conditions.


Q4.Are you interested in a ‘commercial-off-the-shelf' COTS product or a custom software solution (where you own the IP, receiving precisely what you demand)?

A4.Looking for something we can customize.


Q5.Is there an approved budget for this RFP?



Q6.If so, how much is the budget?

A6.Cannot disclose.


Q7.We are a U.S based company with offices worldwide (8 offices-US, 5 Int’l). With that said, do you accept offshore development services for this project?

A7.No. must be in USA.


Q8.Will onsite visits be required during development?

A8.Would be preferred.


Q9. Is there an incumbent competing? Is there an internal team currently working on the development, or are you outsourcing current development?

A9. No


Q10.How long after the submission due date will you issue an award?

A10.This depends on how quickly it goes before City Councils, normally about 3 to 4 weeks.


Q11.What is the expected/needed "go-live" date of the project?

A11. As soon as possible.


Q12.Is the project scope listed in the RFP finalized?



Q13.To the best of your knowledge, are there any circumstances that will cause you to:

A13.Cancel the RFP? No

Not move forward with the winning bidder? No

Lower the budget for the project? Budget has not been provided

Prolong the evaluation process or reissue the RFP? No


Q14. Will these questions be answered to vendors via email or will you release all asked questions via an addendum?

A14. Questions will be answered via addendum.


Q15. Is it possible to release answers, ‘first come, first serve’ so we can address the RFP more timely?



Q16. Does this solution demand the vendor host it?

A16. No


Q17.What is the current Case Management System that will need to be converted to the new system?

A17.No current case management.


Q18. Whether we need to come over there for meetings?

A18.Yes. We will need in house training.


Q19. Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside USA? (like, from India or Canada)

A19. No, because of the sensitive nature of the work, must be in USA.


Q20. Can we submit the proposals via email?

A20. The original proposal, two copies and one electronic copy shall be submitted in a sealed envelope. This shall be delivered to the City Purchasing Coordinator, Room 2-45 , City Hall, 815 Washington Street, Reading, PA, until 3:00 PM, prevailing time on September 10, 2018. The envelope shall be clearly labeled as Case Management Software.


Q21. Why the original bids were for the Case Management Project rejected and what is the intent of the re-bid?

A21. Prices were not within budget.


Q22. Is there anything from the bids received for the original Case Management Project RFP that the City is hoping to correct with the re-bid?

A22. Nothing to correct, just budget issues.


Q23. Can you provide a list of the vendors that submitted bids for the original Case Management Project Request for Proposal?

A23. Abacus Data Systems, Legal Files Software, Newgen Software, Legal Server, Strategic Solutions Group, Image Soft


Q24. What type of cases would the proposed system need to manage? A24. Legal files


Q25. Are there any workflow requirements in the initial implementation? If so, please describe the workflows to be included.

A25. Emails need to be able to be stored and calendar functions for scheduling


Q26. Are electronic signatures required?

A26. No


Q27. Are conversion services to be estimated in this initial implementation? If so, please give some details of the system to be converted (e.g. name and version of legacy system, database type, size, number of documents, type of documents, etc.)

A27. Word format


Q28. What is Vendor name and application version of the existing CMS?

A28. N/A


Q29. Does the system store documents and case information?

A29. Yes


Q30. How many cases will be converted?

A30. Cannot give an estimate at this time.


Q31. What is the database platform supporting the CMS?

A31. Unsure


Q32. Is the data stored in the network or in the cloud?

A32. In network


Q33. How many GB of documents need to be converted?

A33. Unsure at this time


Q34. What are the distinct file types of the documents to be converted?

A34. Word format


Q35. What is the concurrent user count you anticipate for your Windows software and Case Management Solution?

A35. 6 Users.


Q36. Regarding the “web interface” (Scope of Services, page 8), and “public interface” (Scope of Services, Page 9), what activities do you anticipate users of these two items being able to accomplish?

2A: What user count do you anticipate for these two interfaces?

A36. N/A


Q37.What program(s) are you currently using to address your case management needs? (i.e. for tracking cases, scheduling, reporting, task and document management, etc.)

A37. Outlook


Q38.Regarding your current data (referenced in your Vendor’s Implementation section on pages 9 and 10), have you identified what types of data you would like to migrate to your new system and where they are stored in your environment?

A38. Depends on case management we choose.




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