Addendum 1 - Camera & Fire Alarm Systems





ADDENDUM NO. 1RFP:              City Hall Camera and Fire Alarm System
DUE DATE:   3:00 P.M. Prevailing Time,
                     July 14, 2017




This addendum must be signed, attached to, and returned with your proposal to the City of Reading by the time and date indicated ABOVE:


Q1. Is there a bid bond requirement?

A1. No

Q2. Is there a payment & performance (P&P) bond requirement?

A2. No

Q3/A3.Regarding cameras currently in use: Qty. of fixed cameras:

  1. Indoor?

  2. Exterior? 0 Qty. of PTZ cameras:

  3. Indoor? 0

  4. Exterior? 5


Q4. Is the CCTV system “Stand alone” or is the CCTV system expected to be accessed from multiple locations?


A4. System will be accessed at the VSU and in the Radio Room.


Q5. When will floorplans of existing camera locations be made available with IDF / data closet locations?


A5. IDF locations will be made available.


Q6. If camera location drawings are not available, when can existing floorplans of the city hall building be made available to plan for recommended new camera locations and cable paths (if applicable)?


A6. Attached


Q7. What kind of cabling is currently installed for the cameras? (Coax? Category 5? etc.) If not Cat 6, will the old cabling need to be fully removed as part of this scope of work or just the camera?


A7. Old cabling is to be removed.


Q8. What brand(s) of Video Management Systems (VMS) are preferred for this project? Will equivalent products from other manufacturers be considered?


A8. No brand is being currently considered.


Q9. What brand(s) of Cameras are being considered for this project?

Will equivalent products from other manufacturers be considered?


A9. No brand is being currently considered.


Q10. What power (electrical) additional or modifications are expected to be included in project pricing?


A10. 60w UPOE will be available for the cameras via the network.


Q11. What hours of operation will be permitted for crews to perform installation?

A11. 7-5

Q12. What background checks are required for contractor personnel on this project? A12. None

Q13. Are any prevailing wage requirements applicable to this project?

A13. Yes on the installation

Q14. Are there preferred start / end dates for the project?


A14. As soon as practical. Absolute dates cannot be set until the bidding process has been completed and the overall scope and equipment availability, on the part of the awardee, has been determined. Target for completion is 1st week of November.


Q15. What are the storage requirements for the video? Length of time (days), and frame rate.


A15. 30 days 8 fps minimum


Q16. If cameras are to reside on existing network switches. Please provide details and locations on the switches, such as spare capacity and power output.


A16. POE switch ports will be made available at each IDF location


Q17. Please confirm elevators are to receive new cameras. Is any existing cable pulled through traveler, if so provide details?


A17. Yes to elevators, unknown on traveler.


Q18. Are new cameras to be installed in every stairwell? Is this required on every floor?

A18. Yes

Q19. Please determine the selection criteria for awarding the project.

A19. Answer is in the specs.

Q20. Please confirm the required coverage includes interior common corridors, stairwells, elevators, Treasury Dept and Citizens Services as well as outdoor perimeter.


A20. The Mayor’s office as well.


Q21. Please confirm the contractors are to use City Hall’s network and that it is sufficient to handle the additional bandwidth required by the new camera system.


A21. Confirmed


Q22. Please confirm all POE network switches will be provided by City Hall.

A22. Confirmed

Q23. Please confirm the owner is responsible for ceiling tile replacement.

A23. Confirmed

Q24. Is parking available on-site?

A24. We can make it available


Q25. Who is responsible for debris and equipment removal from site?

A25. The bidder

Q26. Please confirm that fire alarm permit fees will be waived.

A26. Fees will be waived, permits are still required.

Q27. Please provide most recent year’s fire alarm and sprinkler test/inspection reports.

A27. Attached

Q28. It is our understanding there are certain components of a previous smoke control system remaining in Atrium, but it is NOT operational. Please confirm a smoke control system for the Atrium as required by IBC 2007 version, sections 404,

907.2.14 and 909 is NOT required and that the existing smoke control system does NOT need to be functional.


A28. I have discussed this issue in the past with Berkshire Systems (current fire alarm contractor). We had talked about determining if the switch had power. The smoke control system is required due to the atrium. I contacted Ramsey from PW to get Berkshire in here next week to determine if the switch has power. This might open up a larger issue if the system does not function because it was required when the addition was constructed. We will be contracting the design professional that designed the atrium to see what his recollection is with this component of the design. To be safe, I would say the fire alarm contractor needs to provide provisions for the system to be connected to the fire alarm system when it does activate.


Q29. Please confirm ANY and ALL asbestos has been removed from the building. A29. Confirmed

Q30. Is this proposal for budgeting purposes only?

A30. No

Q31. It appears that this is a Design/Build Project for City Hall, correct? How does the City of Reading know what to allocate dollar wise for this project?


A31. Yes this is a design build. How we determine allocation of funds for the project is not part of this bid.


Q32. Many of us were quite surprised that there was no engineer/architect involved with the design/scope of this large project. Why was an engineer/architect not brought in to define the scope of work?


A32. We decided against it.


Q33. There are no drawings provided showing locations of Fire equipment/devices- will we get better drawings?


A33. Drawings are attached.


Q34. Is it permissible to re-use existing wiring or must all wiring be replaced?

A34. Camera system wiring is to be replaced


Q35. Will all work be during normal business hours of 7am to 5pm or will there be some areas that require after hours or weekend work?


A35. Regular working hours


Q36. Could a copy of the most recent fire alarm inspection report be obtained?

A36. Attached


Q37. Could as-built drawings with locations of existing fire alarm devices be obtained?


A37. They were handed out and also are attached.


Q38. It was stated during the meeting that we'd be able to get digital or scanned floor plans updated with the location of the IDFs. Do you know approximately when we'll get that? It is necessary for the design.


A38. Attached


Q39. Also, it was hard to hear in the back of the room. Can you please share with the group the name of the company that services your elevators?


A39. Thyssen services the elevators Dover is the brand of elevators


Q40. Question for the Police station do they want cameras in the interview room and holding cells. I believe cameras are there now.


A40. Yes






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