Addendum 1 - 6th And Laurel Streets Intersection Improvement Project - Engineering Services





ADDENDUM NO. 1Project: 6th and Laurel Streets Intersection Improvements Project – Engineering Services
 DUE DATE:     June 18, 2018


This addendum is issued for the purpose of clarifying the intent of the contract documents, for making necessary corrections, deletions, and additions to the documents.


Questions and Answers


Q1. Has there been any coordination or submission to PennDOT regarding the removal of the existing signal? Has PennDOT approved the removal of the signal?

A1. Yes, PennDOT is aware of the City’s intent to remove the signal and they supported the City’s application for the GLG grant application. An engineering study was conducted in 2015 on the intersection. That report is currently in review with the Traffic Signal Unit at the PennDOT District office and is pending approval.


Q2. Were new streetlights accounted for in the Green Light-Go grant budget?

A2. Yes, however that estimate was based on concept information without the benefit of a detailed engineering cost study. The City realizes that the actual construction costs may be greater than anticipated and will resolved the cost discrepancies after the preliminary phase construction estimate is prepared.


Q3. Does the construction budget identified in the RFP include any of the construction phase consultant services?

A3. Yes. Also refer to question 2.


Q4. Were utilities and environmental clearances related to digging for new street light poles accounted for in the grant budget

A4. Yes. Please be aware that this project is a PennDOT “Local Grant Element” and will not require the same degree of environmental and utility clearance administration as needed for “PennDOT Project Element” projects. This project will not be managed in ECMS, it will be managed locally.


Q5. Is survey anticipated to be needed for design of proposed street light locations?

A5. Yes. The City anticipates that the full site survey of this intersection will be required to properly design the proposed improvements.


Q6. Are all of the street lights at this intersection to be replaced in this project?

A6. Yes. There are four existing City owned street lights at this intersection that the City intends to replace as part of this project. MetEd supplies the power to the lights but does not own or maintain any of these street lights (contrary to prior statements). The new street lights will be LED fixtures on metal poles, and the electrical specifications will need to address all of these changes.


Q7. Is the City anticipating a lighting analysis and design for the intersection with the proposed streetlights to ensure proper lighting levels?

A7. Yes, a lighting design will be required, but PennDOT approval of that design and construction will not be required.


Q8. Is information (type/size) available on the existing street that will remain on the northeast corner of the intersection?

A8. The City has no detailed site survey information of that corner, or any of the corners. The City will provide any available information including the City’s Topographical Plan and utility mapping on file.


Q9. Is the traffic signal part of a traffic signal network, and if so how are they connected?

A9. No, this signal is a standalone signal and not connected to any other signal.


Q10. Can the City locate the existing street light and traffic signal circuits?

A10. The City will provide utility plans for the underground electric circuits, sanitary sewer and storm sewer features in accordance with PA 0ne-call protocol during the design phase. The Consultant will be responsible for surveying the location of all other buried utilities.




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