Abandoned Vehicle Report (PDF)

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Vaughn D. Spencer

City of Reading
Police Department

815 Washington Street

Reading, Pa. 19601

PHONE: (610) 655-6116 FAX: (610) 655-6135





Chief of Police
William M. Heim




Abandoned Vehicle Report


  • Please complete this form and forward to the Office of Traffic Law Enforcement for follow-up. Your name will not be disseminated.

  •    Prior to filling out this form, does the vehicle meet the criteria for being abandoned? Is the registration expired?

  • OR is the Inspection Sticker expired? (This is the sticker with the “IM” on it.) Items with the asterisk must be completed.

  • Upon completion, this form must be printed and either mailed to, or dropped off at the Reading Police Department at the above listed address, attention: Traffic Law Enforcement Office.

  • * Denotes a REQUIRED field.

  • If NO License plate, please enter “NONE”.

  • If the vehicle is on PRIVATE PROPERTY please call 610-655-6294 to make arrangements for removal.



*Location of the vehicle (be as specific as possible):                                                                       


*Vehicle make (and model if known):                                                                                              





*Registration (License) Plate (if present):                      







Inspection Expiration:  month:               (sticker with IM)   year:                   


Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) (if visible):                                                                              


*Date & Time observed:                                                                                                                    


Owner (if known):