2019 Stadium Commission Annual Report

First Energy Stadium Commission

Annarose Ingarra-Milch – Chairperson
James Schlegel – Secretary/Vice Chair
Rick Mountz-Member
Strat Marmarou – City Council Liaison
Ralph Johnson – DPW Liaison

To: Members of City Council
Re: 2019 Stadium Commission Annual Report
From: Annarose Ingarra-Milch, Chairperson, 2019
Date: January, 2020

As the Chairperson of the Stadium Commission for calendar year 2019 it is with pleasure that I submit the following update regarding the activities of the Stadium Commission for the year 2019.

Over the course of 2019 the Stadium Commission met six times, in accordance with procedures. During the second quarter, Ms. Cindy Castner, Public Properties Manager became the Commission’s DPW liaison replacing Ralph Johnson.

In January 2019, the Commissioners met with General Manager, Scott Hunsicker regarding capital improvements projects. It was approved that the 2019 allocation of capital improvement funds in the amount of $5,000 be allocated to increase safety on the worn-out decking around the stadium and to increase security by repairing the rusted gates at the entrances. In July, upon completion of the work, the reimbursement was allocated.

With $81K remaining in the DPW budget for general maintenance of the Stadium, Ms. Ingarra-Milch and Cindy Castner has been meeting with the GM and Asst. GM, Matt Hoffmaster throughout the year regarding the recommendations of the city’s Facility Condition Assessment and other improvements that need immediate attention. Such ongoing maintenance and security issues include overhauling locks and key systems (as many keys are unaccounted for over the years), repairing the malfunctioning HVAC in the press room, and replacing the picnic canopy & main beer stand leaky roof.

Collectively, commissioners and liaisons, represented the city at various local events. Commissioners and liaisons, acting as ambassadors, volunteered for Baseballtown Charities at various games and events throughout the season. The volunteer hours totaled 111. These hours are above and beyond the required meeting hours and are a true testament to the commitment of Commission members and liaisons. It should be noted that although the Commission is to be a maximum of 9 members (plus liaisons), 2019 included only 3 members. Although several applications are pending, no new member(s) has been appointed for over two years. One member, Rick Mountz, was re-instated.

To ensure a stronger infrastructure, the Commission updated its Procedures. Such procedures create a template for commission members going forward. The procedures are available on the City website.

The Commission is extremely grateful for Ms. Castner’s working knowledge and willingness to assist the Commission and baseball franchise in any way possible. A special thank you to Councilman Strat Marmarou for his on-going commitment and Director of PW Ralph Johnson for all of his support throughout his tenure.

Working closely with DPW and the GM, the Commission is looking to create a more pro-active oversight of the city’s asset. Going forward, updated lightening will require attention so as to meet Major League Baseball requirements and ensure the safety of the tenants. As this is a major capital improvement, alternative funding will need to be secured.

The Commission, DPW, and the franchise have been actively working on keeping First Energy Stadium in good repair and compliant with various industry standards. It is however imperative that on-going attention be given to one of the city’s most treasured assets so as to ensure the decades long pride remains. The Commission’s goal is to continue our active involvement with the franchise and to bring on-going value to both the City and the Stadium.