155.05 Powers and Duties of Commission

The Human Relations Commission shall have the power and it shall be its duty to:

(a) Initiate, receive, investigate and seek the satisfactory adjustment of complaints charging unlawful practices, as set forth in this article.

(b) Issue subpoenas for persons and for documents which may be necessary to properly investigate a complaint of discrimination filed pursuant to this article. Commissioners may not be subpoenaed to testify, nor may a Commissioner be deposed or otherwise interrogated with respect to any action taken on behalf of the Commission. Any complaint filed under this subsection which the Commission believes may constitute a violation of a law of the United States of America or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania may be certified to the City Solicitor for such actions as he may deem proper.

(c) Hold public hearings, subpoena witnesses and compel their attendance, administer oaths, take the testimony of any person under oath, and in connection therewith require the production of evidence relating to any matter under investigation or any question before the Commission, make findings of fact, issue orders and publish such findings of fact and orders and do all other things necessary and proper for the enforcement of this article.

(d) In the performance of its duties, the Commission may cooperate with and, if appropriate, contact interested citizens, private agencies and agencies of Federal, State and local governments, and enter into such agreements as may be necessary to formalize such relationships.

(e) Request other departments, boards and commissions of the City government to assist in the performance of its duties, and such other departments, boards and commissions shall cooperate fully with the Commission.

(f) Hold investigative hearings upon request by City Council in cases of racial tension and/or discrimination.

(g) Assist in the enforcement of fair practices in City contracts.

(h) Render from time to time a written report of its activities and recommendations to the Mayor and Council.