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Commercial Recycling Program Summary

All businesses, institutions, non-profits, and multi-family residences with 5 or more units are required to recycle if located within the City of Reading. This is mandated by Pennsylvania Act 101 as well as City Code (Chapter 496 “Solid Waste”). This includes all restaurants, bars, hotels, stores, gas stations, and all other businesses. The commercial recycling program requires, at minimum, recycling of the following materials:

For multi-family properties with 7 or more units:

·  Clear, brown and green glass containers

·  All types of plastic bottles

·  Aluminum and tin cans

·  Mixed paper & cardboard

For commercial properties:

· Aluminum cans

· Corrugated paper

· High-grade office paper

In Reading, commercial businesses have two options for recycling collection:

1.  Self-Haul your recycling materials to an appropriate recycling center.

2. Enter a private contract with a licensed recycling hauler. Some haulers provide both trash and recycling services.

Whether self-hauling or working with a private hauler, businesses are required to provide evidence of an adequate recycling program.


The goal of the commercial recycling program is to reduce waste and increase recycling but recycling is about more than just compliance. Your participation will contribute to building a healthier, cleaner, and stronger Reading. The Public Works Department can provide support to your business as you develop and implement your recycling program. Visit our “Resources” page to find tools to get you started and information about how we can help your business become a recycling leader.

Don’t forget these requirements are the minimum your business must do – recycling additional materials is good for the community and may even help you bottom line.