Residential Trash and Recycling

City Trash & Recycling Service Details

Trash and recycling collection is required for all residences in the City of Reading. The City of Reading operates weekly services for residential properties with 4 or fewer units. As a participant in the City’s trash and recycling collection program, you enjoy:

·       Weekly curbside trash collection of no more than four (4) trash bags (maximum 55 gallons each)

·       Weekly curbside recycling collection

·       Weekly collection of one (1) bulky waste item

·       Limited electronic devices and vehicle tire collection. See Special Collections for details.

·       Limited yard waste collection

·       Monthly billing on your water bill.

The above services are billed at a combined 2018 rate of $22.76 per month ($16.98 for trash and $5.78 for recycling). Services are billed to your regular water bill. If you are a new owner or need to restart a cancelled service, please fill out & return the application form below. Service cancellation requests must be in writing.

Application for Curbside Collection

Residential properties with 4 or fewer units must be on the City-provided recycling service. Owners may choose to opt-out of City-provided trash collection – see “Trash” section below.

Owners of multi-family properties with 5 or more units are part of the commercial program and are responsible for contracting with a licensed hauler. The owner must provide both trash and recycling services. For more information, see the Commercial Trash & Recycling Program page.

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City recycling services are currently provided, through contract, by Republic Services. Residents cannot opt-out of the City’s recycling service. Items to be recycled include the “Big 5”:

1.      Metal Cans

2.      Food & Beverage Cartons

3.      Glass Containers

4.      Paper & Cardboard

5.      Plastic Containers

Contamination, when trash ends up in the recycling, is a major problem in our City. When in doubt, throw it out!

Residents should place recyclables curbside in a recycling container.
Clear, closed plastic bags can be used for additional needs or if no container is available. When available, the city can provide 1 recycling container per household. There is no limit to the amount of recyclables collected. To obtain a recycling bin, please use the iRequest system (website, Android, iOS) or call the Citizens Service Center at 1-877-727-3234.

New in 2017, recycling is easier than ever. You no longer have to separate your paper and cardboard from the rest of your recycling – all recycling can go in one bin. This also means you can recycle additional types of paper like magazines, junk mail, and office paper. Remember: clean, empty, & dry! For more information about what can be recycled, visit our What Goes Where? page.



truckCity recycling services are currently provided, through contract, by Republic Services. Your trash should be placed on the curb in closed, sealed trash bags at least 1 mil thick. Heavy duty bags are recommended for heavy loads or when the content could tear a thinner bag. Placing closed, sealed trash bags in a lidded container is recommended. Hazardous waste, such as paint and automobile fluids, cannot be collected curbside.

Owners wishing to opt-out of the City-provided trash service must contact the Customer Service Center and provide evidence of a valid agreement with a private hauler. This does not exempt you from the City’s recycling service.