Councilor Jeffery Waltman
City Council President


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Jeffrey S. Waltman, Sr. acts as City Council President in the City of Reading, serving in Council since 2000.  He began serving the city as a volunteer member of the Financial Improvement Team (FIT) in 1998.    Council appointed Waltman to serve as President in 2015 and Vice President several times over the previous 16 years prior.

Waltman attended Milton Hershey School, focusing primarily on a business curriculum.  He is currently employed as a Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch in Wyomissing.

Mr. Waltman is a strong problem solver who works to build cohesiveness between City Council and the City Administration, and remains independent and diligent in his decision making.  As Council President he tries to create an atmosphere for each council member to make their own fully informed decisions.  Mr. Waltman considers his experience on council thus far to be a tremendous asset in leading issues on crime, codes enforcement, and overall council actions.  During his term on City Council, Waltman has also fought hard for historic and land preservation in his efforts to preserve the valued assets inherited by our entire community.

He spends most of his free time with his two grandchildren, writing, hiking, and enjoying his hometown.   With ancestor ties to the city of well over 100 years, Mr. Waltman is highly committed to the success of the greater Reading area