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City Clerk

The City Clerk acts as the Secretary to the Council, or Secretary to the Board of Directors. The City Clerk is the Director of the Legislative Branch, responsible for managing the operations of City Council by providing leadership and administrative support, implementing Council policies and providing quality services to the people of Reading.

The City Clerk maintains accurate legislative records and performs other services to the body of Council such as public relations, drafting and reviewing ordinances, legal research, and acting as a liaison with the City Administration and other entities. The City Clerk assists Council in areas such as setting agendas, developing a Council Action Plan, and coordinating appointments for the City's Boards, Authorities and Commissions.

The City Clerk’s Office can also provide you with copies of the City Charter, Code of Ethics and the Frequently Used Ordinance Book, free of charge. You can also review City's Codified Ordinance Book, also located on our Web Site.

Staff in the City Clerk's Office can assist you with problems or requests for services that have been not been resolved by the Administrative offices, provide advice on the best method to handle a specific problem, and assist you in other matters pertaining to Reading government.

The City Clerk’s office aims to instill confidence in the Reading City Council and in the City of Reading itself through a strong commitment to service.