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Career Firefighter/EMT Job Description



Title: Firefighter/EMT


  1. As directed by the Fire Chief.
  2. Maintains, cleans and cares for assigned fire station.
  3. Participates in training for fire, emergency medical, hazardous-materials and related emergency services as directed and authorized by the City.
  4. Drives, operates and cares for assigned apparatus and equipment
  5. Participates or assists in emergency and non-emergency operations as may be required, relating to fire, emergency medical, hazardous-materials and other related services, including fire-fighting; driving apparatus; operating pumps, aerial ladders/platforms, cascade systems; treating of sick or injured persons within the scope of certified skills, identification of and containment/management of hazardous-materials, storm and water removal services; medical assists; assists to Police Department for Fire Department related services; vehicle rescue and extrication; light and heavy rescues; and other services which may be required of the Department of Fire & Rescue Services or ordered by the Fire Chief or his Deputies.
  6. Performs fire hydrant surveys and inspections in accordance with past practice.
  7. Participates in pre-fire planning surveys and inspections.
  8. Assists in fire prevention and/or public fire safety education programs and related duties.
  9. Will possess and maintain without suspension or revocation thereafter, a valid Class I Pennsylvania Bureau of Motor Vehicles driver’s license and a card of certification of authorization to operate Fire Department vehicles requiring Class 2 or 3 licenses as pursuant to the Act of February 15, 1980, No. 8 amending Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statues, as issued by the Fire Chief.
  10. Will act professional and respectful at all times to Officers, other career and volunteer members and the general public.
  11. Maintain a working knowledge of all Fire Department General Orders, Standard Operating Procedures, Rules and Regulations, and any other directives concerning the work force.
  12. Carries out all other duties and functions as assigned by the Fire Chief or his Deputies.


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