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Strategic Planning



Strategic Planning


Monday, June 5, 2023

5:30 pm

Following the Conditional Use Hearing

Hybrid Meeting


Strategic planning determines where an organization is going, how it's going to get there and measures success over time. It ensures the most effective use of the organization's limited resources by focusing resources on key priorities. The Council Strategic Planning committee will prioritize, in collaboration with the City's administration, the City’s goals, objectives and strategies and determine which initiatives take precedence for implementation, under three main objectives: Finance, Standards of Living and Economic Development


Committee Members: C. Daubert, C. Miller, M. Goodman-Hinnershitz, W. Butler, M. Ventura D. Reed

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Although Council committee meetings are open to the public, public comment is not permitted at Council Committee meetings. However, citizens are encouraged to attend and observe the meetings. Comment from citizens or professionals during the meeting may be solicited on agenda topics via invitation by the Committee Chair. All electronic recording devices must be at the entry door in all meeting rooms and offices, as per Bill No. 27-2012


1.  ARPA Update

legislation to define ARPA program, its requirements, disbursements and required documentation. 


Council Solicitor Recommendations


Below are some ideas for possible inclusion in the conditions for funding for the upcoming “small business” ARPA allocations:


  1. Available to businesses that have not received pandemic-related funding from other sources
  2. Were in business prior to March 3, 2020.
  3. Had a drop in revenue directly attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic
  4. 25 or fewer employees (including the business owner/worker) which shall be based on number of employees as of 1/1/2020
  5. Licensed to do business in the Commonwealth of PA and in the City of Reading
  6. Business is not facing any pending litigation or legal action
  7. Business is physically located in the City of Reading
  8. Business is not restricted to patrons over the age of 18

Eligible Uses:

To mitigate financial hardships including, but not limited to, decreased revenue or gross receipts, impacts of periods of business closure, increased costs, mortgage, rent or utilities, and other operating costs, mitigation for social distancing, cleaning, barriers, and other health and safety investment/upgrades. o Funding for financial hardship will only be made available up to a percentage of the business’ previous fiscal year’s revenue to be determined.

Business development (e.g., ecommerce sites, marketing, new lines, or new buildouts).

Capital expenditures.

  1. Ineligible Uses:
  2. Paying off non-business debt, such as personal credit cards for purchases not associated with the business
  3. Purchase personal expenses such as buying a new family car or making repairs to a home
  4. Direct financing to political activities
  5. Paying off taxes and fines or lawsuits (legal fees, court costs, judgments)
  6. Food and entertainment
  7. Bonuses
  8. Travel not associated with direct business operations

Consider reimbursement for eligible costs instead of lump sum grant to avoid lack of claw-back ability in the Agreement.


2.  Update from Parking Work Group                                        5:30-5:45 pm


3.  Update on Sidewalk Repair/Replacement                           5:45-6 pm      


4.  Prioritization of Capital Projects                                            6-6:30 pm

Spreadsheet attached

Funding Sources















  • Identify components of Downtown Plus plan for implementation
  • Aulenbach’s Cemetery MOU