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Evidentiary Hearing



Evidentiary Hearing

Public Hearing

Conditional Use

138 S 8th Street Increase the number of units from 3 to 6

Monday, June 5, 2022

Council Chambers & Hybrid

5 pm


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I. Call to Order & Purpose

The purpose of this hearing is obtain testimony on the Conditional Use Application for 138 S 8th to add three (3) units to the existing three (3) unit rental property, approved via Zoning Permit 2000-351.

  • 600-1201.  Criteria and limitations.

   A.   No conditional or special exception use shall be approved if it:

      (1)   Substantially increases traffic congestion along a street or creates a traffic safety hazard.

      (2)   Creates an undue concentration of population.

      (3)   Impairs an adequate supply of light and air to adjacent property.

      (4)   Creates a significant threat to the public health or safety.

      (5)   Is detrimental to the appropriate use of adjacent property through the generation of significant nuisances or hazards.

      (6)   Does not meet the requirements of this chapter.

  • 600-1203. Conditions for conditional uses.

D.   Conversions. This section applies to an existing building where it is allowed by the zoning district regulations to be converted into new dwelling units. The conversion of an existing one-family detached dwelling, one-family attached dwelling or one-family semidetached dwelling into two or more dwelling units shall be prohibited, as per §§ 600-803 and 600-804. [Amended 2-14-2011 by Ord. No. 8-2011; 12-16-2013 by Ord. No. 83-2013]

      (1)   A site plan, drawn to the scale, showing the location and dimensions of all off-street parking, private entrances, walkways and landscaping, shall be submitted, as well as architectural plans showing the dimensions and square footage of all rooms and storage spaces and indicating the intended use of all rooms.

      (2)   The conversion shall have the minimum floor area as designated by the following schedule:


Square Feet

Efficiency or studio

Not allowed





Three or more bedroom


      (3)   For each dwelling unit, there shall be a minimum 1 1/2 off-street parking spaces per unit.

      (4)   Documents indicating to the City Codes staff's satisfaction that all plumbing, heating and electrical equipment and facilities are adequate and appropriate for the proposed use. The entire building shall also be made available for a code inspection.

      (5)   See also the requirements of Chapter 308, Housing, including but not limited to requirements for the designation of a local agent if the owner does not live locally.

II.        Testimony from Applicant (No more than 10 minutes)

Owned by Raymundo Valvimir Taveras Martinez (with assistance from translator)

  • Council’s Cross Examination


III.      Testimony from Planning Staff (No more than 10 minutes)

  • Council’s Cross Examination

IV.      Public Comment (No More than 3 minutes per speaker)

V.        Rebuttal from Applicant (no more than 5 minutes)

VI.      Announcement of expected date of decision

City Council will render a decision by adopting a resolution at either the June 12th or 26th  Regular Meeting of Council.

VII.     Adjourn to Strategic Planning Meeting