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Committee of the Whole



Committee of the Whole

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Hybrid Meeting


5 pm



The City Council Committee of the Whole meetings are filmed and can be viewed LIVE while the meeting is taking place via the attached Zoom link and dial-in phone number, on Facebook and on BCTV MAC Channel 99

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  1. Prospectus Berco Presentation


  1. Creating a BAC Oversight Citizens Board


  • Legislation Tabled or Introduced
  1. Ordinance – authorizing the amendment of the 2024 Position Ordinance by increasing the number of sworn personnel in the Department of Fire & Rescue Servies from 138 to 144

B. Ordinance – authorizing an amendment to the 2024 Position Ordinance by eliminating the position of Deputy Public Works Director at a salary of $98,000, reinstating the Operations Division Manager at the salary of $87,000 and increasing the Project Engineer’s salary to $98,000 to compensate him for being a PE.  The amendments proposed do not increase the budget.

C. Ordinance – authorizing an appropriation of $65,320 in ARPA Funds for the College Manor Swimming Association, known as College Manor Pool. The appropriated funds will be given to the Association after signing a grant agreement with terms specified by the city. The funds will be dispersed from the ARPA Fund, PW-Bldg Improvements.

D. Ordinance – authorizing an Amendment to the Blighted Property Review Committee Ordinance Section 23-904 Definitions to bring the ordinance into compliance with the definition of Blight in Pa Act 79 of 2019, as attached in Exhibit A


  1. Ordinance – authorizing an allocation of $652,800 [out of the total $2,000,000 committed] from the American Rescue Plan Fund by funding various amounts to small businesses as identified in Exhibit A


  1. Executive Session re contracts