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Strategic Planning Committee



Strategic Planning


Monday, February 6, 2023

5:30 pm following the Special Meeting

Hybrid Meeting


Strategic planning determines where an organization is going, how it's going to get there and measures success over time. It ensures the most effective use of the organization's limited resources by focusing resources on key priorities. The Council Strategic Planning committee will prioritize, in collaboration with the City's administration, the City’s goals, objectives and strategies and determine which initiatives take precedence for implementation, under three main objectives: Finance, Standards of Living and Economic Development


Committee Members: C. Daubert, C. Miller, M. Goodman-Hinnershitz, W. Butler, M. Ventura D. Reed

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Although Council committee meetings are open to the public, public comment is not permitted at Council Committee meetings. However, citizens are encouraged to attend and observe the meetings. Comment from citizens or professionals during the meeting may be solicited on agenda topics via invitation by the Committee Chair. All electronic recording devices must be at the entry door in all meeting rooms and offices, as per Bill No. 27-2012


1.  Parking Authority

  • Parking Stall Expansion (Council priorities attached)
  • Bill 5-2023 – authorizing Residential Parking Permit Zones in the following three neighborhoods in compliance with City Code Section 576-417 Residential Permit Parking as there were no objections expressed at the Public Hearings held by the Parking Authority:

1. 400 block of Douglass Street (from N 4th to Madison) - from 8 am to 8 pm with a 2 hour period for non-permit holders

2. 900 block of Locust Street – from 8 am to 8 pm with a 2 hour period for non-permit holders

3. 600 block of Linden Street - from 8 am to 8 pm with a 2 hour period for non-permit holders

Introduced at the December 18 regular meeting; Tabled at the Jan 9th and 23rd  regular meeting


2. Stantech Downtown Plus Report (some outtakes attached)

  • Adopt and Implement?  Funding?


3.  Aulenbach Cemetery MOU


4.  Health Code Amendment



  • March 6

Meeting with the Redevelopment Authority Board re performance & progress


Parking Stall Priorities by District as per Jan 23, 2023


District 1

  • South 3rd, South 4th, South 8th and South 9th

From District 1 boundary line south to the river

  • No stalls in Wyomissing Park & 18th Ward at this time


District 2

  • Cotton St
  • All other streets – check feasibility of placing stalls in steep slope areas
  • No stalls in Hessian Camp


District 3

  • Every street starting with North 13th St – Walnut to Windsor
  • Walnut St east of North 13th St
  • Check feasibility of placing stalls in steep slope areas


District 4

  • North 13th St – Robeson to Union
  • 1200-1400 Linden
  • Every Street below N 13th


District 5

  • Windsor and West Windsor streets -- from 200 block Windsor to terminus of West Windsor at Baer Park.
  • Schuylkill Avenue and Front Streets, both from Green, to terminus of Front and city line at Bern Township for Schuylkill. However, both are state roads so I'm not sure how that would work.
  • Blocks of Greenwich, Oley, Douglass from Schuylkill Avenue to Second Street.  Also, Hollenbach Street if it's not been done.
  • Eisenbrown, Clinton, Miltimore streets from Green to Baer Park.
  • 1700 block of Pear Street
  • No Stalls - Riverdale, Most of Riverside, Most of Greater Lower Glenside (west of Schuylkill Avenue), Berkshire Greens

District 6

  • North & South 5th and North & South 4th from Robeson to District boundary line
  • Greenwich, Oley and Douglass Streets from North 2nd to North 6th
  • 200 block of Oley (request from resident)