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Committee of the Whole



Committee of the Whole

Monday, August 8, 2022

5:00 pm

Hybrid Meeting



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I.         5G Zoning Amendment


II.        Council Staff Evaluation Committee


III.      Review ARPA Recommendations


IV.      Agenda Review



  • 5-216. Council Staff Evaluations.

[Added 7-11-2022 by Ord. No. 69-2022]

   A.   Charter ยง 225(a) states that City Council shall appoint all assistants and employees of the Council office, whose number and compensation shall be fixed by budgetary provisions.

   B.   On or before October 1 of each year, City Council shall appoint a committee consisting of not more than three members to perform evaluations of Council staff on forms utilized by the City's Human Resources Department. City Council shall have the ability to adopt and utilize its own evaluation forms provided that the appraisal forms clearly provide performance ratings on categories involving essential job duties and general work ethic.

   C.   City Council may delegate the City Clerk to perform the evaluations of staff serving under the City Clerk.

   D.   Performance evaluations may provide a basis for salary changes, promotions or other changes at the discretion of City Council. Any pay increases are subject to the annual budget and position ordinance and shall require the approval of the body of Council by majority vote. The following factors are the basis for awarding merit pay increases:

      (1)   The employee's performance as reported in the annual performance review.

      (2)   The appropriate pay level within the range for the employee considering the employee's performance and the performance of others within that range.

      (3)   Pay increase funds available in the City budget in light of the fiscal health of the City's finances. Performance evaluations shall not be used to initiate corrective disciplinary personnel actions such; however, such evaluations may serve as supporting documentation for personnel actions.

      (4)   The City Council Committee is hereby authorized to promulgate policies from time to time to implement this section.