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Committee of the Whole



Committee of the Whole

Monday, June 17, 2024

Hybrid Meeting


5 pm


The City Council Committee of the Whole meetings are filmed and can be viewed LIVE while the meeting is taking place via the attached Zoom link and dial-in phone number, on Facebook and on BCTV MAC Channel 99

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    Passcode: 275828

5:00-6:00 pm          PennDOT Presentation re: Centre Ave                   

6:00-6:30 pm          Presentation on WWTP

6:30-7 pm              6-24 Legislation Review

A. Bill 34-2024 – authorizing a budget transfer $153,000 from PW CIP Building Account to CIP Traffic Engineer to fund the Summitt Chase Street streetlighting project Introduced at the May 28 regular meeting

B. Bill 35-2024 – amending the City Code Chapter 23, Part 15 Youth Commission, Section 1506 adding a removal procedure for failure to attend three meetings, misconduct or neglect of duty or for other just causes Introduced at the May 28 regular meeting

C. Bill 36-2024 - authorizing a cooperative purchasing agreement with the Reading Parking Authority for engineering services for the 400 to 600 blocks of Penn Street Introduced at the May 28 regular meeting

D. Bill 37-2024 – amending the Personnel Code to increase the salary range of the Traffic Engineer to no more than $75,000 to no more than $95,000 Introduced at the May 28 regular meeting

E. Bill 38-2024 – amend the Position Ordinance to set the salary/hourly rate for the PW public outreach & education coordinator at $36,400. This represents an increase of $10 dollars in the current hourly rate. This position has been vacant since July 2023 and is responsible for robust community engagement on solid & hazardous waste handling, recycling, storm water pollution reduction strategies, wastewater pollution reduction strategies, air quality and air pollution reduction strategies, and the effects of climate change on these systems.

G. Bill 39-2024  - renaming Cathedral Street, located between Front Street and Centre Avenue/Route 61 to “R-Phils Drive”

I. Bill 40-2024  – authorizing an allocation of $657,500 from the ARPA funds in various amounts to small businesses as identified in Exhibit A.



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