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Committee of the Whole



Committee of the Whole

Monday, May 20, 2024

Hybrid Meeting


At the conclusion of the Public Hearing on Glen Road



The City Council Committee of the Whole meetings are filmed and can be viewed LIVE while the meeting is taking place via the attached Zoom link and dial-in phone number, on Facebook and on BCTV MAC Channel 99

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  1. Five-year Baseline Financial Report – PFM 5-5:40 pm


  1. Charter Translation 5:40-6 pm


  • Council Policy & Procedures - Membership language 6-6:20 pm

Accept language, modify language or omit draft language


  1. Legislation Tabled or Introduced 6:20-6:40 pm

Bill 33-2024 – pursuant to section 576-402 of the Code of Ordinances, the City of Reading agrees to establishing a limited No-Parking zone located on the North side of Green Street between N. 13th Street and Linden Street during the hours of 7:30AM and 4:00PM on days when school is in session at Thirteenth and Green Elementary School only.  The zone shall be posted with official signage, per City Code section 570-403.A.10.  The zone is established to alleviate the double-parking and traffic congestion problems during pick-up and drop-off times for students at Thirteenth and Green Elementary School and for the purpose of improving the safety of students and other pedestrians in the area. Introduced at the November 27 regular meeting

  1. Adjourn