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Application for Waste Collection

The City of Reading provides the default waste collection, including both trash and recycling, for all residential properties with six (6) or fewer residential units.1 All eligible properties were automatically enrolled in the City’s service as of January 1, 2021 unless the property was covered by a private waste collection agreement in effect prior to July 23, 2020.2 Only the initial term of any private agreement will be honored; no renewals or extensions. Properties covered by private trash collection agreements but without recycling service were enrolled in the City’s recycling program.

By completing this form I indicate that I am an owner of an eligible property and am requesting enrollment in trash collection service for a property not currently enrolled. The property will also will be enrolled in recycling service if it is not already. The City’s trash collection program includes:

  • Weekly curbside collection of four (4) bags of trash (30-55 gallons, maximum 35 lbs. each).
  • Maximum one (1) bulky waste item collected weekly.
  • Combined billing on your monthly water bill in the amount of $22.50 per unit, per month. This is inclusive of the $7.50 per unit per month that may already be billed for recycling and clean city services.

Fees for waste collection will be included in your monthly utility billing from the Reading Area Water Authority.


1 See City Code of Ordinances §496-206 for full eligibility details and limited exemptions.
2 Private verbal agreements will be honored, with documentation, for one year through July 23, 2021.


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