Word of the Week

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09-24-2012 - Empathy - The ability to share another person's feelings or emotions as if they were your own.

10-01-2012 - Compromise - A situation in which you accept something a little different from what you really want because of circumstances or because you're considering the wishes of other people.

10-08-2012 - Valor - Great courage in the face of danger, esp. in battle: "acts of valor".

10-15-2012 - Myriad - A very large number or great variety; innumerable.

10-22-2012 - Foliage - Plant leaves, especially tree leaves, considered as a group.

10-29-2012 - Masquerade - A disguise; pretending to be another person or thing.

11-05-2012 - Prudent - Sensible, caring, wise.

11-12-2012 - Exemplary - Serving as an example, a model; worth imitating

11-19-2012 - Cornucopia - A large number of different things; an overflowing store; an abundance

11-26-2012 - Philanthropy - The love of mankind by showing practical kindness and helpfulness to humanity

12-03-2012 - Benevolent - Showing goodwill; kindly; friendly

12-10-2012 - Amicable - Having or showing a friendly attitude; peaceable

12-17-2012 - Exquisite - Extremely beautiful or pleasant

The "Word of the Week" is courtesy of the Muhlenberg Elementary Center.

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