Public Works Illustrates Proper Yard Waste Disposal

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April 11, 2012
News Release

Mayor Vaughn Spencer and Public Works Operations Division Manager Kyle Zeiber held a news briefing today to illustrate proper yard waste disposal. “We’re into the season when people are now doing a lot of yard work, and we thought it would be a good time to remind residents of what can be collected, and how,” stated Mayor Spencer. Zeiber had several examples available of how yard waste should be properly disposed of.

“First off, we do not accept grass clippings. Grass should be mulched as it is cut. It is better for the environment and better for your lawn,” explained Zeiber. “Leaves and debris must be in brown, paper, recyclable bags, not plastic bags, and not in containers. They must be able to close on top so that the contents do not come out of bags as the truck drives down the street. Branches should be tied in bundles, no longer than three inches and diameter and no longer than four feet in length.”

Public Works will leave a door hanger with the requirements for yard waste if does not meet the criteria and it is not picked up, providing an explanation for the resident as to why it was not collected. “Don’t give up, don’t get discouraged, just follow the rules,” Zeiber continued. If your branches are too long, just cut them. If you have grass visible in the leaf bags, or bags of grass clippings, take it out and spread it over your lawn. Just call us back when it meets the requirements and we’ll gladly come back and get it,” concluded Zeiber.

Michael Dee
Media Consultant
City of Reading
(610) 755-6234

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