Public Works Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I report a problem with a traffic light?

Call the Public Works Department at (610) 655-6322

How do I report a problem with a traffic sign?

Call the Public Works Department at (610) 655-6295

Where is there current road work being done so I can avoid delays?

Whether you drive to the store, catch a bus to work, walk to school or ride your bike to the park, it is important that the streets you travel are accessible and well-maintained. Click here for current projects.


What do the parks offer?

Playground program runs from June through August.  It offers all athletic activities, arts & crafts, music, and drama, field trips special events, athletic leagues, hockey, meal program, environmental program, skateboarding, nature center, swimming, and summer camp.


Where are the recreation activities located in the city?

3rd & spruce recreation Center located on 3rd & Spruce Sts.

11th & Pike recreation Center located on 11th & Pike Sts.

Keffer Park Field House located on 3rd & Exeter Sts.

Baer Park Field House located on W. Douglass & George Sts.

Pendora Park Field House located on 19th & Forrest Sts.

N.E.A.R. Centers- located in all areas of the city in Church basements.

(For additional information on the N.E.A.R. Center program contact Matt Lubas at (610) 655-6233)


What activities are offered at the recreation centers?

Athletic activities, adult volleyball, arts& crafts, music & drama, computer instruction, marbles, homework help, “kid’s café,” tennis instruction, flag football, chess, board games. pool, ping pong, table games, and much more.

(For additional information regarding the Recreation Center contact Matt Lubas at (610) 655-6233.)

(For information regarding the Field Houses contact Heather Boyer at (610) 655-6203)


Where are the public pools?

Schlegel Pool- is located on Lancaster Ave. and Route 10.

(For all information regarding the pool contact Matt Lubas at (610) 655-6233


What are the youth program activities and services?

Activities and services offered at the facilities are mentioned above.

Sanitary and storm sewer team common concerns and questions to reduce problem resolution time.


Catch Basin  
  • Can you see the top of the grate?
  • Is water able to get in the catch basin grate?
  • Is the top grate surface free of debris?
  • Is the basin clogged below the street surface?
  • Location – street, sidewalk, property, building
  • Is the water clear, muddy, or gray? 
  • Is anyone trapped or injured?
Manhole Lid Off (often called Caps, Lids, Covers)
  • What is the location?
  • Is it in a traffic lane?
  • Can you see the size and shape?  (Almost all City manhole lids are ~2 foot round while gas and water valve covers are smaller.  Most square covers are electric).
  • Where were you when noticed odor?
  • How long have you noticed it?
  • Would you describe the odor?  (Suggest the following to help the caller: sweet, sour, acidic, chemical, rotten egg, septic, raw wastewater)
Sewer Back Up or Clog 
  • What is the nature of the problem?
  • Is water coming up at the stacks at the curb in front of the house?
  • Is the water entering the house? Where in the house?
  • Has a licensed plumber already been contacted?
  • What is the property address?
  • What and how much was spilled or leaked? (If necessary, contact Fire / HazMat)
  • Is it continuing to spill and spread or has it been contained?
  • What is the location?
  • Is it entering a manhole, catch basin, or stream?
Water in Basement 
  • What is the nature of the problem?
  • Where is the water entering the basement? (Pipe, floor drain, cracks in walls)
  • Is the water clear, muddy, or gray?
  • Is there any odor associated with it?
  • Is water continuing to enter the basement?  If so, how much or how fast?
  • Has a licensed plumber already been contacted?
  • What is the property address?
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