Mechanical Examiners Board

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Mission: To insure public health, safety and welfare insofar as, they are affectedby the installation and maintenance of mechanical systems.

Meetings  Quarterly February, June, August, December @ 4:00 p.m. HVAC Inspector's Office

Liason Kim Brautigan, Mechanical Inspector, 610-655-6110

Bill No.38, November 24, 1971, amended Bill No. 80, October 8, 1986, amended Bill No. 31-99, November 22, 1999, amended by No. 25-02, June 15, 2002. amended Bill 56, August 23, 2010 to include a removal process

Term: The appointed members of the Board shall serve for a term of six (6) years in such a manner of original appointment that the term of two (2) members shall expire in December 31of year one, the term of two(2) members shall expire December 31 of year two (2), the term of one (1) member shall expire December 31 of year four, the term of one (1) member shall expire December 31 of year five, the term of one member shall expire December 31 of year six. Members not attending meetings for one (1) year shall be deemed inactive and their membership shall be terminated.

Council9 Members6 Year Term 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Kim Brautigan (City HVAC Inspector) Liaison 
Mark Feeney5/22/200610/26/200912/31/2015
Craig Weisman1/10/2011 12/31/2016
James Bickel6/15/19993/25/200512/31/2009
Timothy Strunk8/9/200401/25/201612/31/2022
Ryck D. Spengler12/14/19982/13/200612/31/2010
Jeff George12/14/19983/12/201212/31/2017
Dennis Hain (Resigned)10/8/19861/11/199912/31/2012
Anthony B. Spadafora4/26/20042/24/201412/31/2019
Allen Franks3/8/19999/11/200612/31/2014


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