Mayor Honors Riverside 4th Graders For Recycling

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November 20, 2012
News Release

Mayor Vaughn Spencer read a proclamation to about 160 fourth grade students at Riverside Elementary school today to honor their recycling efforts and their joining the “Mayor’s Kids For A Clean City Club.” “Last Thursday was proclaimed ‘America Recycles Day’ by President Obama, but I was coming back from a visit to Detroit, Michigan, and couldn’t be here,” said the Mayor. “I’m here today to thank you for joining the “Mayor’s Kids” club and vowing to help keep this City clean, and for recycling at home and here at school.”
Mike Schorn, Recycling Education Director, was at Riverside all last week speaking to different 4th grade classes about the importance of recycling and encouraging them to join the Mayor’s Kids For A Clean City Club, now in its sixth year. He was joined by School and Commercial Recycling Liaison Brian Twyman and Graffiti Abatement Team Director Steve Harrity. Twyman focused on the issue of respecting your environment by recycling while Harrity spoke of the ugliness of graffiti and other ways to show creativity.
“Everyone needs to do their share and recycle as much as possible. It helps keep the environment clean and healthy, and it has brought jobs to city residents, so keep up the good work,” added Spencer.
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