Mayor Announces New Housing Fee Amnesty Program

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December 11, 2012
News Release

Mayor Vaughn D. Spencer held a news conference earlier today to announce the details of a new housing fee amnesty program. The program will allow those with any fines having to do with property ownership or quality of life citations to pay their fines without penalty or late fees during the amnesty period starting Monday, December 17 and ending Friday, February 15, 2013.
Past due fees that are not paid will then be referred to an independent collection agency, National Recovery Agency of Harrisburg, which was approved by City Council last night. The amnesty program will be administered by the Property Maintenance Division with support from the Citizens Service Center and the Treasury Department. The program follows the successful Tax Amnesty program which was offered earlier this year.
“We were happy with the response we received from the Tax Amnesty program, so again, we are offering a fair, viable option for residents to pay what they owe,” said Mayor Spencer. “These are fees that responsible property owners are paying, and the bill for those who are not is pretty significant. We are giving you one last chance to settle with the city, before we really come after you. The same goes for the Quality of Life tickets. If you were in violation, you need to pay.”
All together, the amnesty will apply to more than 22,000 outstanding bills which total just over $2.8 million. The past due fees include: Rental housing permit and renewal fees, rental housing inspection fees, and unpaid work order fees, imposed when the City was forced to clean up code violations on private property.
In addition, the Mayor also announced that, for the first time, the City will accept amnesty payments via credit and debit cards on a testing basis.
Michael Dee
Media Consultant
City of Reading
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