Managing Director

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The Managing Director is the Chief Administrative Officer of the City of Reading responsible to the Mayor for the Administration of all City affairs. The Managing Director is appointed by the Mayor with the approval by City Council. The Managing Director enforces the provisions of the City Charter and all ordinances, resolutions and motions of City Council. The Managing Director, with the Administration of all departments, establishes specific administrative objectives that addresses the needs of the community and are responsive to the City Council. The Managing Director, in concert with the Mayor, is committed to:

  • Empowering employees to have a customer service focus to provide services that meet or exceed expectations.
  • Providing an ethical workplace for employees that reflects the organization vision, mission and values.
  • Ensure the fiscal integrity of the City through an extensive system of internal checks and balances and variety of automated financial systems.
  • Provide continuity of governmental policies and operations through implementation of effective strategic planning, organizational analysis and accountability activities.
  • Involve representatives of the community in partnership with the Mayor, the Council and Administrative staff to create an action plan to provide a high quality of life and increased economic opportunities.
  • Promotes a partnership in governance through a mutually supportive relationship between the Mayor, Administration and Council.
  • Implement initiatives to support the development of a high performance team of employees providing exceptional services to those served.
  • Enhance citizen awareness of City Government and services.
  • Enhances the recognition and performance of the Human Relations Commission.
  • Create a positive image and perception of Reading by improving the physical appearance of the community.
  • Support a citizen-based process of comprehensive and strategic planning under the Mayor and Council direction in order to empower all segments of the community in creating a future vision of Reading.
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